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10 Fabulous ways to style your home like a Hotel

Looking for a hotel experience inside your home, as the best interior designers in Salem, we are glad to bestow our ideas, plans about converting your home into a hotel. This article will definitely end your search for decorating and designing, transforming your home into a hotel. Every individual home is a palatial home for them. Here, after perusing the below words you will have a clear thought on style hacks to style your home like a hotel.

1. Mattress matters:

This is the first and foremost thing that needs to be changed immediately while you are seeking a hotel experience inside your home. A white spring mattress not only acts as a luxury element, but it will also make your sleeping and resting time more comfortable and gives you a cozy feel. Along with the white mattress, a white pillow is a must to accompany with. Have a quilt, instead of, normal bedspread, for your sleep during the sleeping time on cold winter days. Tiny changes matter a lot. Having a big soft mattress not only boosts your sleep, eventually adds luxury to your home like a hotel.

2. Experience a Spa bathroom:

Every hotel has this feature. Having a luxurious spa bathroom tempts you to take a shower. This paragraph is to recreate a spa bathroom inside your home. Have a tub to create one. Hang plants on either side of the wall to feel the ambience. Worried about not having natural plants, a lot of artificial aromatic plants available in the market. Mount gleaming white bulbs to brighten your spa experience. Pollute the air with aromatic sprays to breathe some pleasant smell.

3. Design your walls:

Do some artistic work on your wall to experience a resort feel. If painting work is not possible to make use of wall stickers. Choose a color pattern to decorate your wall. This decorating is an important step in the styling procedure. Empty walls are not beautiful for a home, splendid patterns are a must in the colour scheme and decorating.

4. Wall mounts and hangings:

Do not leave your walls naked, dress it with exquisite art crafts, portraits. handcrafts, designer lights. To attract or pull one’s attention use large arts and portraits to create an impact. Be a legend in designing your walls with the ideas given by “Le Freddo Interior Designers”. Invest your cognitive abilities to design your wall.

5. Mini-Bar to Booze:

Select a place near the kitchen area to have a mini-bar along with a dining facility. To spend your quality time it is a must to have this bar inside your home. Open storage on the wall to align your bottles to act as a designing feature for your home. Barware is a must to decorate a min-bar. This place, absolutely, serves you quality time to spend with your friends and party doers.

6. Lighting ideas:

Hotels do not have mundane lighting patterns. Tweak your home lighting pattern accordingly. Lighting plays a major role to boost your mind and set the atmosphere to the right mood. Have the switches that are best designed for the electric sockets. If you have done this to your home then your home is equal to a hotel.

7. Customized furniture:

There are pieces of furniture readily available in the market. But, they do not suit the best for your home space. So, have customized furniture to utilize the space of your home efficiently. This is the technique that most of the hotels follow. Instead of having a ready-made piece of furniture, customize the furniture according to the design that you desire.

8. Sound System:

Have the latest equipped, advanced speaker system to play some mild music. All the hotels have this technique to attract and set boost customers’ mindset to the right atmosphere. Wireless, cordless speaker systems do this role perfectly. Perfect lighting and music are like a piece of bread and butter that goes together.

9. Use Candlelight:

Nothing can stand equal to the pleasant shine of a candle, even though luxurious lighting. According to research, candlelight boosts dopamine level in the brain and relieve stress. A Coffee with perfect candlelight in the night is the best and ultimate thing in this world. No one can have this idea in their home. Le Freddo interior designers educate you with this wonderful idea.

10. Flower Vase and Fruits:

Fill the air with the natural flowers that produce a pleasant aroma. Flower vases are the simple one which adds more beauty to your home. Replace the flowers, every day, that has a pleasant smell and color. In addition to that place fruits on a basket, this is also one of the designing hacks. If you do these two techniques your thirst for transforming your home like a hotel gets completed with a satisfied feeling.

Le Freddo the best interior designers in Salem have expert knowledge in designing your home like a hotel, that you enjoyed staying during your last trip. Schedule a consultation today with one of our interior design experts today.