Modular kitchen in Salem


Feeling worried about your kitchen being congested. No issues, we are here to feed some knowledge about kitchen hacks that shows your kitchen, even more, bigger and spacious. If you follow these hacks and tips on space-saving ideas for a small modular kitchen never like before. Had your kitchen constructed with a small area, here are the 7 hacks to make your kitchen spacious without expanding the walls.

1.Colour Pattern of your Kitchen

This is the basic factor of a kitchen that creates an impression in everyone’s mind. Naturally, dark color patterns give a feeling of small space so,  choose bright and light colors to show your kitchen as a larger one. There is a disclaimer before choosing the best paint color – a light color scheme demands more maintenance than dark colors. Light colors do not absorb heat as well, it is an added advantage.

2. Plan about Storage places

A Kitchen is a place where an ample amount of space is required for storing purposes, it is the nature of it. Organize your kitchen so that you do not feel clumsy and crowded. Have a magnetic hanger on your refrigerator to hang or put the cutleries of yours. Closed storage shelves keep everything hidden. You can store your containers on those shelves. Last but not least, keep every item in a place that has reachability with ease. Have a specially organized and allocated space for arranging the crockeries and utensils.

3. Install Reflective products

As mentioned earlier it is proven that bright colours make an area look more spacious. Install a mirror in the kitchen, cover one of the walls with a mirror. It reflects the whole kitchen, it also makes your kitchen bigger even it is small in space. Shiny, gleaming floors are also a factor to expand your kitchen. Avoid using plastic objects and pieces of stuff in the kitchen area, instead that use stainless steel which has a high refractive and reflective index.

4. Install Modular Kitchen Elements

If you are thinking about an expansion of your kitchen without a rework then install modular kitchen elements. Furnishing your kitchen with modular kitchen elements can save more space eventually make your kitchen look bigger. Modular kitchen storing elements has many inbuilt shelves that will have an enormous area to store without any congestion.

5. Give Way for Natural Light

We know that bright colours and lightning make your kitchen feel comfortable like you have a big space. To add a more bright feature for your kitchen, kindly, make ways to enter natural light. How bright your kitchen that much size you increased. To feel the warmth of the kitchen, definitely, it must be bright to give that luxury and cozy feel. After giving way to the light you will realize the space hidden inside your small kitchen.

6. Choose Custom Furniture

Do have custom pieces of furniture that suit your kitchen. You shall go with ready-made pieces of furniture if it suits the space that you have in your kitchen. As the best modular kitchen designers in Salem, we highly recommend you to go with custom furniture because you can get the design that you desire and suits your space.

7. Be a Minimalist

Being a minimalist is not only good for your kitchen, for your world as well. This world is full of man-made materials.  Do not decorate your kitchen with unwanted cutlery, crockery, and utensils. This can help to save you more space. If your kitchen is cluttered with unwanted pieces of stuff try to disappear them without polluting or donate to the needy people. Use the objects and pieces of stuff that have the feature of the multi-purpose option.

to know about Minimal interior design style

Follow these 7  meticulous ideas suggested by the designer of the best modular kitchen in Salem, to make your kitchen more spacious and bigger never like before.