small modular kitchen

Looking for space saving ideas for a small Modular kitchen ?

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean it must look dull and shabby. Kitchens are no more a dungeon, spice it up with the best small modular kitchen ideas that best suit your workspace. A small kitchen makes every woman feel uncomfortable. So designing a small kitchen needs patience.

Here are few ideas to implement in your cook space to make it appear spacious, clutter-free, and at the same time bold and stylish.
Avoid doors, instead, use Drawers
small modular kitchen

A small kitchen forces you to cut down and prioritize the important things. Hence switch to drawers as they provide maximum usability and are easy to access. Choose the cabinet designs in such a way it expands your cook space area. Drawers can hold more load making it easy for you to store more cooking essentials. Opt for high quality soft close telescopic channeled drawers as frequent push and pull damages its functionality.

Opt for White

small modular kitchen

Many assume that white will get stained with spills and splatters. But white is best for the small modular kitchen making it appear spacious and giving a dramatic look. Use various shades of white or go neutral with your small space Galley, White is your new best friend here.

Open shelves

Add open shelves to your cook space. You can place frequently used items on it. Open shelves are very affordable and can showcase your stylish dishware making your kitchen more artistic

Tall Units with Glass shutters

It has many shelves inside to keep your cooking essentials and is closed by a shutter or door. Tall units can store many things giving you the best storage utilization works as a pantry in a small modular kitchen. Implementing a Glass door will make your small space kitchen look more elegant and easy visibility of your essentials

Utilize your corner space

Many don’t consider corners for storage, but utilizing your corners can create more space for your small space galley.  Design it in such a way it offers smooth workflow and easy access.

Make it Airy

Small space kitchen might look congested, implementing a large window will make it look roomier at the same time you get more light and ventilation. Natural light tricks your kitchen looks spacious. But if you want to add privacy, try an opaque shade that allows light

Follow the work triangle

The work triangle refers to placing the most frequently used stuff like the hob, sink, and refrigerator closer. This offers a smooth workflow and easy access. You don’t have to walk too much and it also reduces the traffic in your cook space.

Few small modular kitchen hacks that help you feel the warmth of your small kitchen in full comfort.

Keep the drawers closed to maintain a strategic distance from dust getting accumulated.

Implement handles on drawers to maintain a strategic distance from dirt getting on the wooden surface of the cupboards. Since it’s simpler to clean the handles than the wooden surface.

Avoid cleaning the surface with harsh chemicals. Make a blend of baking soda/vinegar in two gallons of water and wipe up the dirt with a delicate cloth.

Make sure that the cooktop and sink are fixed at a comfortable height.

Wash your drain with hot water and pour some baking soda into it. Then squeeze some lemon juice and wait for the chemical reaction to clear the gross smell from the pipes.

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