Everything you need to know about U-shaped layout kitchen

The kitchen layout is nothing but the arrangement of countertop, major appliances, and storage areas perfectly. A well-designed kitchen layout gives you a perfect primary kitchen work triangle. Choosing the layout is one of the first things to consider when designing a new kitchen. There are five types of kitchen layouts you need to know about before choosing one. They are as follows

  1. Galley kitchen
  2. L-shaped kitchen
  3. U-shaped kitchen
  4. G-shaped kitchen
  5. Single wall kitchen

We have discussed the L-shaped kitchen earlier so let’ explore everything about the U-shaped kitchens in this article.

U-shaped layouts are practical and aesthetically pleasing and it comes with extra storage options and countertop space. Hence it is one of the most sought-after kitchen layouts. Even though a U- shaped kitchen can improve your cooking space it is not suitable for most homeowners. For instance, if you have a larger kitchen and everything is places too far apart then, this will reduce your kitchen’s efficiency.

If you are in the process of designing a new kitchen renovating your existing kitchen and wondering what layout will suit the best? Then Lefreddo- Modular kitchen in Salem is here to help you make the right choice for your kitchen by choosing the right layout.

What is U-Shaped Kitchen Layout?

A U-Shaped kitchen comprises 3 walls that flow continuously without interruption forming a U shape in the kitchen. It is preferred by many interior designers as it provides ample storage space and workspace. The uninterrupted flow of countertop offers ample work area and is suitable for more than one chef.  Therefore it is known to be one of the most functional and versatile kitchen layouts that is functional and efficient for any home.

A U-shaped layout can be smaller or larger depending on the kitchen space available. A smaller U-shaped kitchen will have a 42” to 48” aisle of space between the two parallel walls. Since everything is placed closer this maximizes the efficiency of the kitchen and functionality. If not designed with perfect storage space, and functionality a smaller U-shaped layout might feel confined and will lose its versatility.

In a large U-shaped kitchen, there is a 6 feet distance between the two parallel walls. As there is more space left in the middle of the kitchen the layout can accompany an island as well. This way you can have extra countertop space and a seating area. A large U-shaped layout is considered ideal for more than one chef as it has a spacious workstation where you can cook comfortably without getting into each other.

How to design a U-shaped layout kitchen?

  1. Work Triangle: The space between each component of the work triangles such as the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop should be around 4-5 feet. You can also consider using a secondary working triangle with the other three elements your fridge, other appliances, and workstation.
  2. Tailor the shape: Tailor the shape of your kitchen depending on the space available. The cabinet length can vary in length depending on the length of the wall. You can have one wall longer than the other forming a curve with an uninterrupted countertop.
  3. Sink placement: A U-shaped layout kitchen will have a window at the bottom of the U allowing natural light to flow throughout the length of the kitchen. The window can be installed as big as possible depending on the space available.
  4. Extra space: U-shaped layout is great for the open-plan concept can you can incorporate an island and seating arrangement if there is enough space providing more space for socialization. Island can be created by extending one of the legs out into an open area.
  5. Maximum storage option: U-shaped layout kitchen offers maximum storage options. Since a U-shaped layout has two corners consider incorporating corner storage options to maximize your storage options.
  6. Auxiliary Island: In a U-shaped layout you will have enough void space in the middle therefore, consider incorporating an auxiliary island in the middle. This is possible only if there is 36” of walkway space between all the sides. This will ensure safety, and functionality allowing more seating, and countertop space.
  7. Color scheme: In a small U-shaped kitchen use light colors such as white, or beige. Use darker tones as accent colors this way you can make your small kitchen look spacious. Whereas in a large U-shaped kitchen darker colors can make the kitchen look bold and stylish. Ask your modular kitchen expert for making a better choice of colors. Because a perfect color can bring warmth and a homey atmosphere to your kitchen.
  8. Lighting ideas: In a larger U-shaped kitchen natural light can flood easily throughout the length of the room but this is not the same for narrow U-shaped kitchens. Hence make your kitchen functional by incorporating artificial lightings. It is ideal to layer your kitchen with three types of lightings namely accent, general, and pendant lighting.
  9. Extra features: If you have enough space in your U-shaped kitchen then you can even add some extra features such as a breakfast peninsula, or a kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen.

Here’s an advice from the experts of modular kitchens in Salem.

  1. In a U-shaped layout kitchen no matter big, or small you will have two corner storage areas. If the kitchen is not designed by keeping functionality, and efficiency in mind then it will end up as unused space. There are cabinet designs specifically made for corner areas. Incorporating such cabinets can make it accessible.
  2. Experiment with various countertop materials. Choose the one that is heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain, and can withstand all the wear, and tear. We as kitchen experts recommend quartz countertops as they are durable and easy to maintain.
  3. Open shelving can work in a U-shaped layout kitchen if you wish to show off your most stylish dishware. We advise you to place the most commonly used dishware at the bottom and the most rarely used dishware at the top as they can act as a focal point in your kitchen. You can also use drawers, and cabinets at the storage units in the bottom and open shelving above the countertop to display your statement objects.

Benefits of U-shaped layout kitchen

  1. Large, and efficient working space: With its three sides and two corners a U-shaped layout kitchen provides maximum space to work. In addition to having countertops on three sides, you can even add a peninsula or island in the middle.
  2. Less clutter: U-shaped layout kitchen means extra space for storage. Therefore prevents clutter, and increases efficiency.
  3. Easy traffic flow: The space between the three walls provides plenty of open areas in the middle allowing more than one chef to work freely in the kitchen.
  4. Island, or peninsula: A U-shaped layout kitchen design can easily accommodate an island or peninsula. After all kitchen with an island is every homeowner’s dream. The design of a U-shaped layout kitchen is in such a way that it makes it possible for an island.

To design a U-shaped layout for your kitchen get in touch with Lefreddo Best Modular kitchen in Salem one of the best kitchen experts who design kitchens keeping functionality, and your dream in mind.