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All you need to know about kitchen countertops

Countertops are available in quartz, granite, tile, butcher board, soapstone, concrete, recycled glass, solid egression, chrome steel, marble, limestone, laminates. One of the primary things you notice after you walk into a kitchen is that the kitchen countertops. They run-down and dingy, or they try a whole new way? Do the colors match the remainder of the kitchen, or do the countertops throw off the look? Is that the material on-theme, or is it out of place?

There are many factors to think about once choosing out kitchen countertops so you individualize your kitchen within the right approach with the correct counters. Keep reading for everything you wish to grasp regarding totally different sorts of kitchen countertops.


Quartz countertops also are referred to as built stone countertops. These countertops are a synthetic built stone that mixes 90% ground quartz with eight to 10% resins, polymers, and pigments. Together, these materials type a awfully exhausting granite-like surface that works well as a kitchen counter.

The appearance of quartz countertops varies, betting on the grind of the materials among. For example, coarsely ground quartz can produce a stippled look. On the opposite hand, a lot of finely ground quartz can end in a drum sander look.

While quartz is extraordinarily exhausting and sturdy, creating for nice tabletop surfaces, it’s conjointly costly and doesn’t tolerate heat. Quartz countertops have a shiny shine and are non-porous and crack resistant. However, seams are an inevitable unit for big kitchen counter styles, thus keep that in mind once preferring your next kitchen table top material.


For a lower-cost choice, think about laminate countertops. Laminate counters are layers of plaster that are secure to particleboard. These countertops are available in a large sort of colors, textures, and patterns.

Laminate is one in all the foremost reasonable materials out there for kitchen countertops. Sadly, laminate isn’t as sturdy as different tabletop materials, that could be a trade-off you create for a lower price. Laminate is prone to harm and isn’t simply serviceable.

Laminate countertops are four sheets of kraft ironed along, that are coated with a permanent seal. Once there’s harm done to its seal, you may see the fabric beneath. As a result of this, you can’t repair or seal off laminate counters, and you may have to be compelled to replace it if the harm is in depth enough.


Marble could be a metamorphic stone, that is made once sediment crystallizes beneath an outsized quantity of warmth or pressure then forming exhausting rock, lodging medical care says. though marble countertops won’t be as exhausting as granite countertops, marble continues to be a solid and durable surface. However, marble is porous, which suggests it’s prone to staining.

Since marble surfaces are units shaped out of carbonate, it’s a chemical structure that simply reacts to acids and leads on the surface. As a result of these reasons, some maintenance is needed to stay marble countertops trying their best.

Marble has two main styles of finishes that are out there for kitchen countertops. These embody a honed end and a sophisticated end. A honed surface could be a sanded surface that features a soft, matte end. It will not show as several scratches as a sophisticated end can. A sophisticated end features a shiny exterior, and will not stain as simply as a honed marble. However, polished marble scratches are much easier.


Want to actually set your kitchen with the exception of the rest? Think about putting in falls edge countertops. Not like typical counters, these countertops do not stop at the sting of your cupboards. Instead, they drop vertically down the edges of your cupboards and straight to the bottom. With falls counters, you’ll produce an eternal flow to the ground.

The main purpose of getting falls countertops is their stylish look. Usually, they’re crafted from lovely and high-quality materials like marble, granite, quartz, or travertine. However, concrete and wood also are out there choices for falls countertops. Pricing for your falls countertops can vary generally betting on the fabric you employ.

If you’re making ready for a kitchen remodelling project, one of the primary things you’ll wish to try and do is elect the kitchen tabletop material you will use.


Butcher block countertops are warm and accommodating whereas an inexpensive possibility for room counters. Made of straight cuts of wood affixed along into thick slabs, slab countertops give a durable and stable surface for room schoolwork. Most wood countertops are made of maple, oak, cherry, walnut, and teak with maple being the foremost fashionable.

When selecting these countertops for your room, take the thickness and edges, grain sorts, and maintenance into thought. The three basic construction varieties of slab embrace edge grain, face grain, and finish grain.

Edge grain has the perimeters of the boards in an upright position to make a lightweight surface. Face grain, conjointly referred to as “plank grain” has planks adhered in conjunction with the wide surface position upright, showcasing the sweetness of the wood grain. Lastly, the finish grain positions the ends of the boards upward to make a particular game board look.

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