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How to create an eclectic interior design style?

Is it hard for you to choose from your favourite home décor? Do you hate interior design styles that are too matchy-matchy? Then eclectic is the interior design style you are looking for. The notion of an eclectic interior design style is to mix different styles and eras to create a unique space. Here you can create any design you want just by mixing and matching things. The freedom you have is intriguing, the sky’s the limit here!

Eclectic can be defined as a mixture of textures, styles, trends, colours, and different eras. The lack of rules can seem a little intimidating. Make sure the design flows together, design elements are overwhelming rather than intentional and know what décor item fits.

A handy guide to pull-off this unique aesthetics in your home, to help create your own eclectic interior design style

Highlights of Eclectic interior design style

  1. Combining texture is the key; it helps maintain a cohesive look. 
  2. Mix things up to maintain an environment that’s full of character. 
  3. It is important to choose furniture with the perfect layout – This will make it more comfortable, and create a room that you always wanted. 
  4. An eclectic interior Utility is a great decorator. 
  5. To create a flow throughout your home follow the eclectic design in every room. Changing the style for each room will look disjointed.
  6. You can easily mix old and new.

Choose a core palette with neutral colors

The color palette may vary but choosing a core color palette with neutral hues will help tie all the elements together. There is always a fine line between chaos and eclecticism which guide us to create a harmonious space. All the design elements in eclectic style are eye-catching so it is necessary to have a neutral background like white, grey, black, and tan.

Our interior designers in Salem focus on using woods, stones, and eco-friendly fibres that have enough built-in texture and variation to keep the background from feeling bored. We also use them on your flooring, counterparts and home décor items.

Eclectic Interior design style furnishings

Balance and symmetry are the two important principles of design, which help our brain simplify the design. To do so, our Lefreddo focuses on including furniture pieces that have specific purposes. The clever way to beautify your eclectic design is mixing and matching different furniture design styles. After all eclectic interior design style is a mix of the old, the new, the modern, and the classic.

For a more refined or roughed up finish, us at Lefreddo- interior designers in Salem tie together, paint and fabric with lines, finishes, and material of the piece in a room.

Stick to simple wall coverings

For a perfect eclectic style décor, keep your walls simple and straightforward. Elaborate wallpapers make it difficult to create the look you want. Also, it is easy to add vibrant accessories to a busy backdrop rather than adding plain accessories to a busy backdrop.

To highlight eclectic bohemian décor, light colours work well-making space look bigger and brighter, while darker colours add warmth and depth to your space.

Play with Patterns

To introduce different eras into each room use patterned rugs and cushions. Use similar tones and colours throughout your eclectic interior design scheme and at the same time don’t shy away from clashing patterns and colours because they help you create a unique space. Feel bold to pair up items that oppose each other together to add surprise and fun to space.

 Have fun with texture

Follow the same when it comes to textures. Just like patterns even here contrast textures against one another in your interior for a quick fix. Place smooth textures along with rough for instance, marble, smooth leather, wood or steel against fluffy throws. Whereas soft with the hard for example, woven rugs or coarse stone and brick to add much-loved aesthetic narrative to your space.

Include a Gallery Wall

An eclectic interior cannot look complete without a gallery wall. It is great fun to create a gallery wall with a combination of mix and match frames that suit our interest. A gallery wall is the best way to add personality and character to any room which will look great on even simple walls. This allows you to create a focal point. Having something to focus on in a room is a great way for the heavy feel eclectic interior design home décor.

We focus on creating a gallery wall that is perfectly personalized on the aspects of colour, dimension and style to introduce plenty of style and interest.

Add a statement object

Whatever may be your statement object and however it is making the statement- it needs to be bold. Statement objects are those that add a perfect finishing touch to your room. Choose one item such as sculptures, vases, chandeliers, floor lamps or table lamps where it can stand on its own and steal the show. One or two statement pieces is more than enough to be a conversation starter.

Make it clutter-free

It is easy for an eclectic design to flow into a messy cluttered, and overly busy room. Everything must have a place so, less is still more. Showcase fewer key pieces that you love rather than flooding them with ornaments. Make sure the important items don’t get lost in the surrounding décor. 

To know if you have too much in a room just look at it from a different perspective, or take a photo to survey it in detail.

Why wait? Get your eclectic interior design style today

An eclectic interior is likely the closest to home-style of design: there are no strict principles that apply, and no particular furniture style or time that you need to follow. LeFreddo interior designers in Salem, focus on bringing various design styles together into one space, by mixing and matching different elements. We Blend various themes across multiple styles, with certainty, and realize that as long as you utilize these tips, as a rule, it will work!

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