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Difference between Interior designers and Interior decorators ?

Many people think the terms “interior designer and “Interior decorator” are the same profession. But if you are looking for a professional to help you with your home interiors then it is essential to get educated on the difference. There is a distinct difference between the roles of an interior designer and decorators depending on the services they provide. 

If you are considering hiring a professional then you will need to know the ins and outs of each role. Here is a handy guide to make an ideal decision.

What is an Interior designer?

An interior designer will hold a qualification typically a degree or diploma in interior design. They are concerned with every aspect in which interiors are laid out, allocated and used. Interior designers are often a member of interior designer studio or firm, which allows them to remain up to date on industry development. An interior designer will work with an architect or building designer from the start of a project, also an interior designer should have at least five years of experience. 

Interior designers not only create aesthetically pleasing spaces, but highly functional rooms for their clients. They focus on elements such as lights, accessibilities, materials, and structural considerations. More or less, interior designers can design a room from scratch in any house or buildings. This can incorporate structural modifications such as removing walls, planning a new kitchen, and restrooms as well as decorative changes, for example, making cabinetry, and determining custom carpentry. Often interior designers work together with an architect to make a complete package for a home. 

Owing to the technical requirements, LeFreddo-Interior designers in Salem have accredited qualifications including a diploma in Interior designing and decoration or an advanced diploma in Interior design.

What does an Interior designer do?

Interior Designers comprehend and assess spaces. They think about how space can be utilized and set up with design elements to manipulate a customer’s needs. Moreover, they have to know how the local council and building codes will affect their design. 

Often interior designers are hired by architects and developers. Working with architects makes it easy for interior designers to design interior space. It is really important for an interior designer to meet the building representatives to comprehend how space will be used. Architects basic design plan is essential to layout walls and basic floor plans. Once the design plan is made it is presented to the building representative for reviewing purposes. Then comes the implementation of the design. 

Interior designers also learn about lighting design, Design theory and history, Project management, material, finishes, and color, Building systems and technologies, Sustainable design or building practices, Relevant Australian codes and standards.  

Lefreddo: Interior designers in Salem, work both for residential and commercial projects focusing on Local building codes, fire safety, accessibility, efficiency, functionality, sound transmission and acoustics. 

What is an Interior decorator?

An interior decorator will hold a qualification typically a degree or diploma in interior decoration. They are concerned with every aspect in which decorators are. On the other hand, they serve a number of years as an assistant to an interior designer or decorator. Decorators are responsible for the decoration of existing interior space. They pay attention to color and fabrics also provide advice on decorative finishes and furnishings.  

An interior designer does not make any changes to any structural renovations. Decorators work with design professionals such as architects, lighting, and kitchen designers in order to deliver their customers requirements. 

What does an interior decorator do?

Interior decorators embellish interior spaces that already exist. The decoration is the process of furnishing or adorning a space with beautiful things. They often paint walls, hang wallpaper, place furnishings, and install window treatments. A decorator also adds interior accessories such as rugs, lamps, and wall art to a room. Once an Interior designer has made the necessary structural change then your decorator often uses her skills to make necessary structural and functional changes.  

To change the aesthetics and impressions of your space, an interior decorator uses paint, fabric, furnishings, and accessories. They are often hired by an architect, developer or homeowner. Decorators interview their clients to know their needs. Pictures of your interior, measurements, and floor plan are essential for a decorator. When designing they focus on factors such as fabrics, flooring, furnishing, paint, art, lighting, fixtures, and accessories. Once the design is completed it is presented to the client for review. Finally, Installation.

How to pick the right Interior designer and decorator?

  1. Look for experts whose work you like the most.
  2. Get at least three itemized quotes to ensure what you pay for
  3. Hire a professional after checking their credentials, qualifications, and insurance.
  4. Communication is a vital part, hence find someone who shares your vision.
  5. Ask for their resources and trade connections.