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How to create Traditional interior design style?

One of the most popular yet, dismissed design styles of them all. Many people dislike traditional design thinking its predictable, boring, stuff- and it totally can be. But it’s truly an interesting design that incorporates a lot of antiques giving you can opportunity to stumble upon pretty cool stuffs. Traditional interior design is a brilliant way to celebrate the highlights of past era and design movements.

To help inspire you in bringing traditional design into your home, LeFreddo-interior designers in Salem focus on furnishings that are elegant in style, wood tone that are deep in color, to create a more unique and personal look that are comforting and classic.

Highlights of Traditional Interior design style

  1. A traditional room exhibits classic lines, with soft and smooth edges, and understated details that boasts a rich, warm, and inviting feeling.
  2. A traditional interior design uses a mix of vertical lines and restless horizontal lines creating a unique well-judges traditional style. You can spot gentle curves in furniture, pillow and accessories.
  3. In a traditional style home, fabrics are neither too shiny nor too textured, which is appealing to all ages and personalities.
  4. In a traditional living room, mid-range tones are used though very dark or light colors can be used. Interior designer will focus on using the lightest color on the walls and deeper hues for upholstery and flooring.This color scheme makes it elegant and comforting.
  5. A traditional room emphasizes classic style window treatments. Accessories such as plants, rugs, antiques, vases are often used.

Traditional interior design colors

When it comes to colors, you have a lot of freedom to experiment with. If you like the look of wood, rich tones, and refined colors then traditional is your style! Always focus on neutral colors for walls and pop-up colors such as brown, red, and blue for furniture and accessories.

Our interior designers avoid too much white or black and too many vibrant colors to bring your traditional room to life.

Traditional interior design furniture

Traditional interior design furniture are rich in color and is a fit for royalty. Wood furniture is a mix of straight and curved lines finishes with darker stains, as long as each piece are classic. Most of the traditional furniture are made out of mahogany, maple, cherry, and teak. The furniture always follow the antique styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Sheraton styles

Queen Anne is famous for its curved lines, minimal orientation, and cushioned seat. Chippendale is famous for its pointed arches, S-shaped curve, and wooden lattice. Sheraton is famous for its light and elegant appearance with slim, straight lines

Traditional interior design textiles

Traditional interior design style typically uses more solid colors, however fabrics with pattern such as floral, paisley and damask can be used to spike-up your room. Regardless of the materials fabrics used are often expensive as they are made from cashmere, silk, or velvet. These fabrics can be rich yet, injecting classic colors and pattern throughout your home.

At LeFreddo we focus more on nature scenes for upholstery and cushions and juxtapose them with bold stripes while avoiding geometric shapes or designs.

Traditional Interior design Accessories

Just like furnishings, traditional design style accessories is a combination of mid-century modern to classical Chinese. The commonly used accessories include candle holders, rack full of books, vases, and chandeliers. You can include modern elements into traditional design and it can be vice versa also. The accessories used have carved designs of 18th and 19th centuries.

Traditional interior design style window treatments

In a traditional room heavy lined drapes are a signature of traditional interiors.We focus on full- length drapes, which create a more impactful window treatment with elegant and appealing look. To make your room look taller and spacious style your traditional room with a floor-to ceiling window treatment. No matter what size your window is- use full height drapes with thick fabrics. You can install two layers curtains for added privacy.

Traditional decorating ideas

To create a breathtaking traditional design style here’s what you need to look for to create a warm and welcoming space.

  1. In a traditional kitchen create an eclectic feel by mixing contrasting décor elements with a sense of nature with patterns that evoke the great outdoor with playful flora and fauna. Muted creams, taupes, light grey and greens boast the traditional kitchen style.
  2. In a traditional dining room Opt for clean, straight lines, and practical furnishings that are timeless and undoubtedly beautiful. You can choose from a wide range of china, glassware, and silver plates that are classic or simple in style.
  3. In a traditional living room mid-range of tones are often used. Multi-colored floral patterns are the basis of traditional living room. Design your living room with a combination of design style and eras to create a consistent approach to placement. For added style use an array of antique pieces, highlighting a collection of mismatched, and statement making finds that make your living room dazzling.
  4. In a traditional style Bedroom use soothing foundation that will allow you to bring in more vibrant elements.
  5. In a traditional bathroom you can create scrumptious private zones that are lavish, and fabulous for your bathroom. Trims, tassels and fringes are used sparingly to bring in a sense of everyday glam.