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How to maintain Modular kitchen Appliances?

The kitchen gets dirty than any other room in the home hence, cleaning up the kitchen is a part of cooking. A clean kitchen is a sign of a healthy family. Without proper care, even the life-span of the realistic usability of kitchen appliances can seriously get reduced, and the expenses of new appliances can include.

The following are a few hints to keep your kitchen appliances clean


One of the significant appliances in the kitchen. It’s important to keep the insides of your refrigerator clean as it is where we store vegetables, fruits, and all edibles. Here are a few cleaning tips that help prevent the wear and tear of the appliance.


  • Remove all food to clean the extreme corners of the refrigerator
  • Check food for expiration dates.
  • Temporarily expel the racks and drawers and clean the inside with a blend of warm water and cleanser.
  • Use Baking soda and warm water to remove stains.
  • Dry any wet spots and put the food back in


  • Examine the condenser coils for any dust accumulation if any, dust it with a broom or similar tool

Microwave Oven

A simple spill can cause food particles and stains to develop rapidly. The microwave oven helps from cooking to reheating the previously cooked food. But the longevity of the oven depends on how well you maintain it. Here are a few hints to dispose of stains rapidly and effectively.

  • Avoid placing your oven close to the wall as the body of the microwave oven heats up when you use it, this heat will be dissipated by the vents. The vents are on the top and on the sides of the microwave oven. So when placed close to the good heat dissipation will not be done effectively.
  • Don’t place it near the hob or sink as heat from the stove may interfere with the heat dissipation or heat the side of the microwave oven, which is too risky. When near the sink water can splash on it leading to short circuits or electrical hazards.
  • For optimal use a regular cleaning of the microwave is very essential. After cooking unplug the socket and wait until it completely cools down. Then wipe down the food particles and splatters from inside of the oven or else the splattered food particles will develop bacterial growth on the insides making it unhygienic.
  • Proper cleaning is essential once a week. Just put a bowl of vinegar and slice a lemon into two halves, place it on a microwave-safe plate and run your microwave for a minute. With a soft cloth wipe down the insides. Wash the turntable as you would normally wash a glass plate in the sink.
  • Avoid using wooden pans or any pan that has a design or metallic print on it. Use only microwave-safe dishware. Using proper dishware ensures there is no damage to the food or the microwave oven itself.
  •  Knowing what food can go into your microwave this will prevent any disaster. It should not be used to boil water likewise to avoid eggs, potatoes, bell peppers.

Coffee Maker

  • To avoid dust, germs, and other particles interfering with the machine, regularly clean the outside. It is better if you do it before and after every use.
  • Clean the insides by running water through it, you can also mix 2 oz. of vinegar in the 20 oz. of water to clean out the coffee maker even thoroughly
  • Disassemble and wash every removable part in a Sink using a dishwasher. You don’t have to do this every day but once in a month is necessary
  • Make sure you follow the machine’s manual instruction as each machine will have a slightly varying process.

Pop-up Toaster

  • Toasters are an essential appliance in today’s homes. You would never skip breakfast if you own a toaster because making breakfast is so easy with a toaster. But to keep it clean and to maintain its longevity here are few tips
  • Every pop-up toaster has a crumb tray where all the bread crumbs get settled. Remove the tray and brush it off into the sink then wash it with a mild dishwasher to remove any grease or dirt.
  • Since the coils cannot be separated, place the toaster upside down and simply tap it down and clean with a brush. Make sure all the crumbs have fallen off.
  • Cleaning the outside of the toaster is simple. Just take a soft cloth dipped in a mild cleanser. Wipe it down to remove dirt, grime, and rust from the outsides of the toaster.
  • A deep clean is necessary for any pop-up toaster. Follow the manual instructions for the better functionality of the appliance.


A blender is an important appliance in Indian homes. It is used from making chutney to grinding spices for cooking yummy curries. Thorough care and maintenance can help your blender last for years. Just follow the tips to maintain the optimal usage of your blender

  • Use the right dishwashing detergents, the cleaning agents specified by the manufacturer. Because some harsh detergents might weaken the integral parts of the blender.
  • Avoid placing the jar in the dishwasher
  • Blades are the dangerous part of a blender, so handle it with extreme care.
  • Always store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. This will prevent the motor base from avoiding the moisture which could eventually lead to electric shock.
  • Check all the chords and determine if they are safe to use. If they are not fixed properly replace it as soon as possible.
  •  Avoid overloading the blender. When the blender is overloaded the blades get hurt, which in turn will damage the entire unit.


It is a kitchen appliance designed for cooking food, so without a stove kitchen loses its functionality. All home-cooked meals are done using a stovetop. Hence to keep your stove working properly maintenance is important.

  • Now-days the stove is available in different materials so picking the right cleaning solution is very important. Opt for chemical-free cleaning just mix a tablespoon of baking soda, salt, and water to apply the paste and wash the stove using the mixture.
  • If you notice any spills or splatters wipe it right away using a sponge and soapy detergent.
  • Burners are the essential components of a stovetop. Leaving them unnoticed can damage your kitchen hence put extra care on them. Let the burner soak in a soapy detergent for 15 mins then brush it off using a toothbrush.
  • Make sure the burner and stove top are dry before use also, check for any clogs.


The chimney is a life-saver as it absorbs smoke, fumes, dust particles, smell, and completely eliminates them from the atmosphere. It enhances your cooking as it reduces the level of indoor pollution. Here are some of the chimney maintenance tips and how to clean them.

  • Check for any damage, listen for any noise or malfunction. If any contact the expert as soon as possible.
  • Clean your chimney twice a year using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.
  • Give extra care to Baffle and mesh: These essential parts need to be washed with warm water to remove dirt and clog that gets accumulated
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