Must-Have Furniture for a New Home

Have you bought a new home or just shifting to a new place? Whatever it may be, it is an overwhelming process for all of us. It is both exciting and stressful for every homeowner. Furniture is the most important element of a house. Moreover, when moving into a new house you will need to update your furnishings or buy a new piece of furniture. No matter your house is big or small we have a list of furnishings that are considered must-haves by interior designers in Salem.

Living Room Essentials

The living room is the central hub of a home where you spend most of your time with family, friends, and guests. It is a daunting experience to choose the most essential furniture for your living room, especially when moving into a new home. There are so many options available in the market when it comes to filling up your space with furniture, accessories, and decorations. Therefore we have given a list of essential furniture for a living room to feel welcoming and comfortable. 


Sofa is a major investment when it comes to buying furniture for a living room. It is the most significant part of a living room. Because it is where we read, relax, entertain guests, watch TV, eat and drink, sometimes even sleep. Before buying a new sofa there are so many things you ought to take into consideration. 

  1. On average every sofa is designed between 45cm and 50cm. Therefore No matter the material or size of a sofa, it is ideal to try before you buy to make sure it suits your whole family. 
  2. For a bigger living room, choose a sofa that perfectly fills the space including the other furniture set such as a side table, coffee table, etc. If you want the sofa to be the focal point then, go for couch shapes that are round and provide a lot of seating. For a smaller living room, you will need a small sofa with a strong design that complements the rest of the space. 
  3. Invest in a high-quality frame that will last longer. Therefore choose sofas and couches that come with at least 15 years guarantee. 
  4. Not just the appearance that matters when choosing a sofa the insides also matter. Feather-filled cushions need regular plumping whereas fiber filling cushions lose their shape over time. So most interior designers recommend choosing a sofa that has a combination of feather and foam. 
  5. Picking a sofa with the right upholstery will have a huge impact on the look of your living room. Whether you go bold or neutral natural materials fade over time when exposed to sunlight or placed near a window. Therefore choose the one with synthetic fabric.
  6. Measure the maximum dimensions of a sofa to make sure it will fit into your space. Because nothing is worse than buying a sofa that does not fit into your living room space. 

Coffee table

Coffee tables are used as accent tables that complete the look of a living room. There are a variety of options available in the market when it comes to choosing the right coffee table. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, colors, and designs. Therefore here’s a guideline to choose the coffee table for your interior. 

  1. Measure the existing living room furniture. A proper measurement will help you choose a perfect coffee table for your interior. 
  2. Choose a coffee table that perfectly pairs with the sofa. The most coffee table comes in a height of 16” – 18”. We as interior designers recommend choosing a coffee table that is 1” – 2” lower. 
  3. Choose a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of the sofa.
  4. Leave about 12”-18” of space between the coffee table and sofa. If there is another piece of furniture near the coffee table then leave about 30” of space between the coffee table and other furniture. 

Accent Chair

If you like to add some color and style to your living room then accent chairs are the right choice. Accent chairs also provide additional seating to your room. There are so many things to take into consideration when buying an accent chair. They vary depending on the size, style, design, material, and color. Here are a few tips to help you choose a stunning accent piece. 

  1. Firstly, think about how you will be using the accent chair. Some use it as a reading spot or as a style statement. So before deciding on the style pick the chair depending on the function
  2. Next, consider the fabric of your accent chair. If your living room is neutral then an accent chair is a perfect way to add some visual interest.  
  3. The key to choosing a perfect accent chair is to remember the scale and size. Because an accent chair that is too big or too small can make your living room uninviting.

Media Unit

The TV unit is essential in every living room. TV designs have shrunk from bulky units to sleek wall-mounted units. Like other pieces of furniture, TV units come in various sizes, with different styles, colors, and storage units. No matter if you stream Netflix or looking for a statement piece for your entertainment area here are the best tips and tricks to choose the perfect unit for your space.

  1. The type of TV you have will determine the size and measurement of your TV unit.
  2. Take measurements before buying a TV unit.
  3. Position the TV such that the lower half of the screen is in level with your eyesight when you are seated. 
  4. Choose material and design that complement the living room interior

Kitchen Furniture essentials

The kitchen is the most used space in a house with a lot of traffic. Therefore it is essential to choose furniture for your kitchen wisely. The furniture for the kitchen must come with at least 15 years guarantee. Also, it is important to choose kitchen furniture that reflects your style and personality. Here is a list of furniture that is essential in a modular kitchen.

  • Kitchen cabinets: It is an integral part of a modular kitchen. Choose cabinets that are easy to clean and maintain also choose the one that is highly functional and has space for every element in your kitchen. 
  • Dining Table: Choose a dining table that is solidly constructed, budget-friendly, and stylish for your space. Always measure using a measuring tape before buying a dining table. A dining table can be placed within the kitchen as an island or in the dining room. Without a dining table, your kitchen area will feel incomplete. So always look for one that is timeless in design and style and sturdy when it comes to material. 
  • Kitchen Island: To have a kitchen with Island is every homeowner’s dream. Kitchen Island not only improves the functionality and appearance of a kitchen but provides additional space for cooking. It can act as both a dining area and a prep area. 
  • Kitchen Pantry: A well-designed kitchen pantry can provide a lot of space for condiments and kitchen appliances. Since it is a hidden part of a kitchen doesn’t mean it does mean you should neglect it. . It is essential kitchen furniture that allows you to store spices, beverages, utensils, dishes, provisions, etc. No matter the style of your pantry make sure it gets optimized with the overall look and layout of your kitchen. 

Bedroom Furniture essentials

After a long day, everybody wants to get some rest in their cozy bedroom. It is important to make your bedroom cozy, comfortable, yet stylish. There are countless options of furniture available to make your bedroom overwhelming and organized. Here are few elements that we consider as must-haves no matter if your bedroom is big or small. 

  • Bed: A bed is the main element of a bedroom, therefore, it needs some attention when buying one. A bed is a crucial part yet choosing the one that fits perfectly into your bedroom is important. Because if a bed is too big there will be only a little space left for other furniture and mobility. Whereas a bed too small can cost you a good night’s sleep. So choose a bed that is perfect in size and yet comfy for you and your family to sleep in.
  • Dressing table: A must-have piece of furniture especially for the ladies of the house. If your closet has a large mirror on it and your bedroom is small then this becomes optional to include. However, a dressing table can enhance the look of your bedroom and help you keep your essentials organized and tidy. 
  • Closet: Closet provides an organized space for your clothes, accessories, and other pieces of stuff. 
  • Bedside tables: Bedside tables are small tables that are placed beside your bed that will store everything you use during nighttime rituals. You can buy a bedside table that comes together with the bed frame. This will be matching with the bed frame or choose a bedside table that depends on the storage and looks you love. 

   Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom the above-mentioned lists of furniture are a must-have for a home. There is so much other furniture you can use depending on your usage and functionality. For designing a home with all furniture and accessories that are aesthetically appealing and functional contact one of our interior designer in Salem