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6 Types of Office Interior design concepts

Given that most individuals spend most of the time at work, office space interior design may make a significant impact in inspiring employees and enhancing productivity. Many businesses are adopting unique workplace design concepts, such as open-concept areas and nature-inspired components. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly altered the ideas of workplaces as we once knew them. Modern office design is growing and moving to meet the needs of post-pandemic workplaces: hybrid and flexible workspaces, wellbeing-focused design, and community-inspired spaces are gaining popularity.

The significance of a modern office design concept extends beyond simply aesthetics. What your office looks like speaks a lot about your company and its future plans. Old, dated furniture and fixtures communicate to people that your organization is out of date. A modern, integrated solution and design concept will demonstrate to others that you are an industry innovator. Furthermore, creating a fresh and trendy setting is critical for attracting top personnel.

As an interior design firm in Salem, TamilNadu with years of expertise creating offices, we have built a variety of workspaces to meet a variety of demands. Employee productivity is directly affected by the workplace environment and its design. People want to work in a setting that encourages creativity, cooperation, and communication while decreasing worry and tension. As a result, we’d like to provide a few design ideas that will make your office a pleasant place to work.

Activity-Based office design concepts

An activity-based office is one in which employees have the freedom to select how they work. They have complete control over how, when, and where they work at a workspace. Such office environments are difficult to find in standard office designs, because the entire environment is too inflexible to work in. Employees are, without a doubt, the most vital aspect of every business. As a result, it is critical to handle them with care and support them in their choice of settings. According to major business thinkers, an office with a little bit of flexibility to work is a good place to bring out the best in your staff. The human mind works better when we feel free and have control over how we operate.


  • Activity-based working is a concept in office architecture and use in which no one has their own personal desk. Instead, there would be a plethora of workstations where people may accomplish their assigned tasks, such as collaborating, focusing, learning, and socialising.
  • The workstation is adaptable because there is no set seating configuration. Purchasing mobile furniture and using modular room designs helps ensure that your workplace can be readily adjusted to accommodate specialized tasks and additional people.
  • Because there is no fixed way to set up an office, staff can easily construct a design that matches certain jobs, future-proofing the office.

Industrial Office Interior design concept

The business and office design concept is inspired by locations such as workshops, factories, and warehouses. Industrial Interior design style is the concept of blending wood and metal, utilitarian and chic, and a symbiotic relationship between form and function. It transforms a blank environment into a comfortable and productive workspace by using simple materials. The building’s façade, exposed pipes, and concealed structures are now boldly revealed, giving it a raw and edgy appearance. These locations have numerous benefits, such as enormous floor area and rent savings, and require careful planning and competent execution.


  • Maximizes the inflow of natural light boosting employees well-being and productivity
  • An uncluttered environment
  • Modern furniture
  • Interior design and modern and contemporary art
  • Color schemes that are cool and soothing
  • An open workstation that encourages collaboration

Home-Like office Interior design concept

The aim of home-like office interior design is to make the workplace experience comfortable and stress-free. Simply having couches and lounges in certain areas of the office allows individuals to take comfortable breaks. It allows people to get rid of their exhaustion and refocus on their day. Employees quit needing to go to their office to work when working from a distance becomes more frequent and possible, even if it is generally true that people’s productivity increases at their workplace. Despite this, many businesses still need physical attendance. As a result, most businesses are shifting to the trend of giving your office design a domestic ambiance, allowing workers to feel at ease while on the job.

Many home-like workplace interior design concepts include lounge areas, cafés, break rooms with recreational activities, pleasant types of furniture, patios, and a variety of other features. Collaborative environments foster a sense of belonging, inclusion, and togetherness among employees. Building a positive office community will encourage positive work connections and a mutually supportive atmosphere for employees.


  • Sofas, armchairs, pod seats, and coffee tables that are both comfortable and functional
  • Areas for relaxation
  • Recreational games are used to break up places.
  • Cafés that provide free coffee, snacks, and meals
  • Bars are fully stocked.
  • Terraces and balconies outside
  • Showers and an exercise gym

Minimalist Office Interior design concept

The human brain responds favourably to simplicity and works best in a clean environment. Clutter and darkness have been linked to anxiety in multiple studies, which is not conducive to a productive workplace.

Minimalism Interior design style, by definition, is the polar opposite of clutter. This style, which adheres to the less is more idea, creates the tone of the environment through the use of color, light, and structure rather than knickknacks.

Minimalist office interiors are also highly well organized, which promotes worker engagement and productivity. Working in a clean, clutter-free environment will improve employee focus, resulting in higher levels of efficiency.


  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Promotes communication and community
  • Attracts new talents
  • Minimalism introduces slim-line workstations and basic, modern office chairs, as well as collaborative working stations, allowing for more individuals to work.

Open-floor Office Interior design concept

Spatial planning and open plan design are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern commercial office interiors. An open plan office interior, when properly arranged, may maximize innovation, cooperation, creativity, and productivity.

The key to making an open plan office environment work for your company is understanding how it may benefit your team and utilising it in a way that will help you achieve this. Without further ado, here are some of the incredible advantages of an open plan office layout.


  • Open-plan offices remove barriers, both practically and metaphorically. Working in an open space with everyone can help your office become a fruitful hub of communication and cooperation.
  • Faster learning can be promoted when new employees are closer to their coworkers rather than separated by walls.
  •  A wall-less configuration can make commercial office fit-outs more cost effective, versatile, and make greater use of “dead space,” resulting in lower operating expenses.
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Improves creativity
  • Encourages creative thinking and cross-functional teamwork.

Biophilic Office interior design concepts

There has never been a better moment to consider adding biophilic design, healthy interior methods, and workplace wellness design into your company. Anyone with an eye for design has probably noticed the rise of the ‘Biophilia’ design trend. However, this movement is about much more than just looks. Biophilia (the love of nature and living things) as a concept connects us to the larger world and our intrinsic need to protect and nurture that which nourishes us and benefits us, both physically and emotionally.

This acceptance and implementation of biophilic office design is anchored in the fact that multiple studies have shown that incorporating elements of nature into the workplace increases employee productivity, creativity, and morale. Indeed, according to a recent Human Space survey, workplaces that have added elements of nature have seen a decrease in levels of mental weariness among staff members as well as an increase in levels of workplace wellbeing.


  • Improves productivity
  • Increases employees concentration level
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Enhances staffs well-being

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