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10 ideas for Modular Kitchen and living room wall partition

From the last few decades, the open kitchen plan has been the latest trend in kitchen interior design. Not only in India, but people from all over the world love the concept of open kitchen as it is very entertaining and improves the aesthetic appeal of a home.

There are several drawbacks to having so much utility and attractiveness. While an open kitchen layout provides a lot of space, it can also make the overall interior appear cluttered and unpleasant.  The solution to an already existing open kitchen design is having a new age, informal, and socially connected wall partition. A well-designed wall-partition should blend in with the overall interior design of your home.

A well-designed wall-partition can give your living areas the perfect feel. The different zones can be made to appear extremely gorgeous and ravishingly bizarre by using a wall-divider. It also expresses how you live, work, entertain, and treat yourself and your visitors in the privacy of your own home! With the appropriate approach, your open kitchen may have a sense of outstanding elegance and vibrancy. A perfectly designed wall-partition helps you to strike a mix between function and beauty, blending your moods with how you establish your personal places.

In this post, LeFreddo designers of the best Modular kitchen in Salem has listed a few  some amazing wall-partition ideas that can help increase the amount of space in your home.

The Benefits of a Partition Wall

  1. A partition wall splits a large space into several portions, each of which can be used for a different purpose.
  2. It gives residents with seclusion.
  3. A partition wall is both light and affordable.
  4. It takes up very little space and may be simply built in any location.

Wall-partition requirements

Whatever sort of partition wall you choose, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a narrow cross-section, providing for the most efficient use of floor space.
  2. In terms of sight and sound, rooms should be sufficiently private.
  3. Be made of uniform, durable, light, and sound-insulating materials during construction and finishing.
  4. Construction should be straightforward, easy, and cost-effective, with high coherence with the building structure.
  5. Fire, heat, humidity, white ants, and fungi resistance should be enough.
  6. Should be stiff enough to sustain loads that create vibrations.
  7. It should be sturdy enough to hold sanitary fittings and hefty fixtures.
  • Glass partition

If you prefer open-plan living but want to keep your kitchen and living area separate, a glass partition wall can be a good option. In homes, glass partition walls help to isolate the smells and sounds from the kitchen. Glass partition walls for your home can be framed or frameless and created from a variety of glass kinds. Additionally, the size and configuration of the glass sheets utilized can be changed to suit various designs. Satin glass is the most commonly utilized material for glass partition walls.

  • Sliding door Wall-partition

The key to component management of space between the kitchen and the living area is the sliding door. These sliding doors can be made of glass or light-weight wood. If you want your living room and kitchen to be seen then opt for glass sliding door or choose the wooden sliding door.

If there isn’t enough space between the kitchen and the dining room, a door may take up too much room when it’s open. Sliding wall dividers are a terrific method to establish separate zones in small areas like this.

  • Minimal wall-partition design

A half-sized sleek-looking glass partition is a good option if you want to stick to a minimal interior design style when picking the proper living room and dining room wall-partition design. Work screens and wrought iron grills are tried-and-true ways to partition a room. To suit your style, you can utilize a variety of materials and a limitless number of designs.

  • Wall-partition with greenery

Plants are nature’s greatest blessing for breaking up a large space and creating a privacy screen while also providing fresh air. Use a tall stand with potted plants, Grow real plants or fake on a wall planter, invest on a movable plant stand with holders, plant wall with several pots, or a wooden divider with built in pots.

This is a great way to add some greenery in your interior and to clean the air.

  • Partition with ambient light

Kitchen is the at most important and beautiful space of a house. So why don’t we spruce the wall with ambient lighting and add some brightness to the space. A space can never look outdated or boring with too many lights. Either use a glass partition with ambient lighting or wooden shelf partition with lights on it. Make sure the wall-partition matches with the overall design of the home without compromising on the functionality and aesthetics of the room.

  • Wooden shelf partition

A wooden wall shelf when used as a partition brings beauty, versatility and privacy between a kitchen and the living room. They separate the zones efficiently and improves the functionality by providing space to store things. Either you can place plants or your favorite collectibles or in case the partition is next to the dining area then place your beautiful cutleries.

  • Wall-partition with cabinets

Few people are fortunate enough to have larger kitchens with adequate storage. If you’re looking for wall partition ideas, consider a cabinet wall partition, which provides privacy while still providing ample storage. You can choose between a full wall cabinet and a half-wall cabinet. A semi-cabinet expands the area and provides enough storage space for all of your cutlery.

  • Partition with curtain

Create wall partitions with what you have. This is a very old method of dividing spaces into small zones. If you give this design technique some care, you’ll be astonished at how attractive curtain room dividers can be. Hang a curtain high from the ceiling to the floor for a simple and effective way of separating a large room. This will not provide much privacy but is a cost-effective way to create a wall-partition.

  • Wall-slab partition

Wall slab is a more stylish and dramatic way of creating a wall partition. This type of wall partition give a luxurious touch to a home décor by acting as an accent wall. They are very effective in separating two zones in a house and offer privacy. Wall-slab partition walls are ideal for homes that adopt modern interior design style.

  • Aluminum partitions

Transparency should not be achieved just through the use of glass. Aluminum rods can also be used for this purpose. They have a pleasing appearance while also allowing for free ventilation. Isn’t this a unique combination?

You may find a lot more wall-partitioning ideas on the internet. I hope these suggestions give you some insight into how wall dividers function and which one would be best for you. Taking visual clues from the existing style of your living room and kitchen is the only way to choose the proper wall-partition.

Are you still perplexed? Then arrange an appointment with our interior designer now, who will assist you in creating a wall partition that complements your home’s overall décor.