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The ultimate guide to creating a focal point in interior design

The Focal point is one of the major vital organs of interior design. Yes, it has a huge role to play. A focal point will be the eye-catcher of everyone. Based on the focal point interior design of your room is developed and designed. So make sure to create a focal point perfectly in the correct spot. To create a focal point this article will help you to master it. We, the best interior designers in Salem,  help you to create a focal point easily if you follow these steps in this article. Let us go and give a glance at the below words to create one.

Our room has an innate focal point. Basically, a civil engineer or architect design constructs a room with a focal point. So every room has its built-in focal point by default. It is our onus to develop a design based on the existing focal point to highlight. Here are some of the default focal points that are already in your room.

1. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are, generally, placed on the floor. It is one of the great eye-catchers ever. According to the interior design process,  there will be a seating area around the fireplace to spend our time warmly. Add any artwork or portraits above to the fireplace.

2. Windows

Windows is the viewpoint of every room and easily a default focal point. Everyone’s eyes automatically travel through windows because of the light it allows. Try to use this as your focal point to start your design.  A large window grabs your attention. So it makes perfect sense to decorate the area around the focal point. Two different seats, a leather recliner, and a zebra chair carve out a spot to sit. The trees and nature sceneries out add a pop of vibrant green sight.

3. Showcase Shelves

The fireplace is not available in all the room or there is no use of the fireplace in warm regions. But, there will be shelves in every room which is a built-in focal point. To make your design rely upon. Have the seating area near to your shelves.

4. Weird Angled walls

There may be walls that seem unusual sometimes. This is also one of the focal points which are present by default. This is also one of the absolute spots to set your focal point. Sometimes, all a room needs is an eye-catching gallery wall that serves as a focal point. The trick is mounting the artworks on a wall that is visible from every spot of the room. We appreciate how eyes cannot help but be drawn to the artwork thanks to the wall which bears all wall hangings.

Let us discuss some of the steps to create our focal point. If you are not satisfied with your built-in focal points, then here are some tips to create your focal point to emphasize.

1. Accent walls

Accent walls have always been a popular option for a focal point. Typically, if there are no built-in features to work with, an accent wall can be created on the furthest wall from the entry into the room. Be sure to use a bold paint color or patterned wallpaper to act as a sight for sore eyes. Decorating around a living room wall with an awkwardly placed bump-out can be challenging. A large mirror centered off the sofa creates a striking focal point on the room’s differently angled wall. A stylish grouping of gold objects, a floor lamp, a toy car, and the metal starburst set on the far right wall provides asymmetrical balance.

2. Artistic crafts

A small piece of artwork, European antiques or a mirror with freaky woodwork or catchy frame can carry a room beauty on its shoulders. In this case, you will have to make sure the piece you choose is big enough to suit the wall it is placed on. It should be placed at eye-level, whenever possible, you should add accent lighting to highlight the piece even better.

3. Backsplashes

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to have their standards for focal points. Usually, a tile backsplash — either in the shower or behind the stove — is the best choice. Again, just make sure it includes a bold colour or pattern.

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4. Statement furniture

A large, statement piece of furniture can serve as a fine focal point. This is typically the case in dining rooms and bedrooms, where there is, obviously, a central piece of furniture in the room. Here, you will have to add accents like a centre-piece for the table or some throw pillows on the bed to help draw the eye.

5. Wallpaper as a Focal point

Pleasant wallpaper can add focus to a room that lacks, a dramatic peonies wallpaper topped off with a large round mirror creates a dramatic focal point in a cookie-cutter room. This is one of the ways to create your focal point if you are wandering to find one perfect space.

We hope, this article will be useful for everyone who all are in a dilemma to select or create a focal point to design their room. As the best interior designers in Salem,  we bestowed useful ideas through this article.

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