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Top 10 Interior design trend for your home predicted by interior designers

The art of interior design is its ability to morph, adapt, and consolidate impacts that enhance style and function. Interior design not just makes your space look beautiful and stylish, added to its benefits it can even transform a studio apartment with enough space and lighting with proper design.

Trends may come and go! So our professional interior designers in LeFreddo have listed a few interior design trends that are all-time favorites and never go out of style.

Neutrals are the new colors

Just debunk the myth that neutrals are boring. It is very tricky to pick the right neutral for your interior, as there are infinite different kind of neutrals. Yes, neutral do have different variation. Our interior designer uses neutral color palettes quite a lot as it brightens and opens up space.

Reasons why our interior designers love neutral

  1. Neutrals can make your space look larger
  2. White paint is the right neutral tool to make your room look larger
  3. They offer a clean and modern look
  4. You don’t have to use a strong color to warm up your space
  5. Neutrals will make your space feel timeless

Reasons why neutral may not be the right choice for you

  1. Light neutral can get messy, especially when you choose a matte finish
  2. They reflect a different feel in a different room in the same house under different lighting
  3. You might have to choose other colors on the trims to make it easy for maintenance. 

Add style with modern Wall paneling

Wall paneling is a very cost-effective way to make a statement into your much loved live-in space. The possibilities are endless here so you can make a choice depending on your taste and style. According to LeFreddo a careful thought and planning will help accent your wall into a humble adobe.

The reason why our interior designers love wall paneling

  1. Choosing a bright and bold color will complement the rest of your room.
  2. Wall paneling can be great to highlight your living room from the dining room or a reading corner in a combined space.
  3. Options are endless when it comes to patterns that you can create using paint.

Reasons why wall paneling may not be the right choice for you

  1. You can’t randomly select a wall to highlight. It can be used only to highlight the room’s existing focal point. 
  2. Don’t use wall panels in small rooms as it will only make your room look smaller
  3. Don’t use wall panels in an already over-crowded room

Go Green- with plants

Physiologists found that an active interaction with indoor plants can reduce psychological stress caused due to mental work. Potted plants in different environments, such as offices, school and hospitals, and homes have, decreased feelings of anxiety, lowered blood pressure and increased job satisfaction. Having plants around you not only keeps you healthy and functional, it can instantly turn any room better, brighter and fills you with positive vibes.

Don’t be afraid to go green! Our interior designers at LeFreddo give importance in knowing what is going to live in your space, and what is manageable around the lifestyle of a homeowner. 

Reasons why our interior designers love indoor plants

  1. Plants are a great way to fill your space when placed them right.
  2. Dwarf fruit trees are a great option to add style to your home.
  3. Hanging plants are a perfect solution to add a texturized look
  4. Investing in stylish planters add a tropical vibe in a home.
  5. Adding a tall plant in your bathroom would be stunning.

Eco-friendly homewares- with recyclable materials

Using eco-friendly homewares can style our homes beautifully while minimizing our impact on the environment. The harm of plastics and environmental pollution have pushed the researches to innovate more on recyclable materials for home décor.

The reason why our interior designers love eco-friendly homeware

  1. Handcrafted items such as handmade pottery and tableware are both practically beautiful, and reasonably affordable.
  2. Natural fabrics made of linen, bamboo, hemp, and cotton are free of chemicals and pesticides adding to the aesthetic quality of a home.
  3. Eco-paints which are free of toxic chemicals allow the walls of the buildings to breath and provide a matt finish.

Reasons why indoor plants may not be the right choice for you

Eco-friendly homewares are costlier, also finding them is very difficult.

Biophilic Design

The term Biophilia means ‘love of nature’ and Biophilic design means is to connect with nature in a modern built environment. Nowadays you can find Biophilic designs dominating the modern office interior designs. 

The reason why our interior designers love Biophilic design

  1. This is a great way to add any number of plants be it your living room or an indoor garden thereby reducing pollution and circulated clean air
  2. This design increases the amount of natural light we are exposed to this will improve our mood and health
  3. Natural materials are used to create a natural ambience in a home to add beauty and texture to each room.    

Reasons why Biophilic design may not be the right choice for you

  1. Biophilic design means more work therefore expensive
  2. Needs high maintenance

Floral fabrics and wallpaper

A perfect set of fabrics and wallpapers can help add warmth and color to space. It surely does need a lot of patience on choosing the right floral fabric and wallpaper that can change the entire look of your house. Our professional interior designers will beautify your space depending on your style and personality.

The reason why our interior designers love floral fabrics and wallpaper design

  1. Hanging the floral fabric just a few inches above the frame of the window can make it look bigger and brighter.
  2. By layering up the windows you can create a sense of depth to a room.
  3. A beautiful floral fabric or wallpaper gives the home an impression of being in a fairyland 

Reasons why floral fabrics and wallpapers may not be the right choice for you

Incorporating wallpapers is more time consuming than painting.

Mixed metal décor trend

In Mixed metal home décor, you don’t have to restrict yourself from one metal, this is a great way to add clean and elegant style to any room. It is a daunting experience when it comes to choosing, what metals to mix and also mixing metal finishes.

The reason why our interior designers love mixed metal home décor

  1. Always choosing a dominant metal and other two warn and cold metals to complete the look will add charm and texture to a room.
  2. Adding a mirror in mixed metal home décor is a greater advantage to make a room look brighter and bigger.
  3. There are limitless possibilities in choosing your finishing. Even though you have to choose only three metals, different metal finishes will add texture to your space.

Reasons why mixed metal home décor may not be the right choice for you

  1. You cannot mix more than three metals.
  2. Too many metals can dazzle your eye, and get too flashy.


Becoming a minimalist is a great idea to keep our homes clean. Minimalism increases the functionality and elegance of your home with less because less is more here. Nowadays minimalism has taken over the whole world, nobody wants to add more to their space unnecessarily. Hence interior designers in LeFreddo focus on functionality and its uses depending on the lifestyle of the house owner. 

The reason why our interior designers love minimalism.

  1. Great way to cut down on things that are not necessary, for instance, we can use multi-purpose furniture in the design.
  2. Minimalism harps on the necessity of having natural light. Light curtains are incorporated to make a room airier.
  3. By adding few textiles and fabrics here and there can increase the visual appeal of the room.

Reasons why minimalism may not be the right choice for you

  1. If you like to incorporate minimalism in your home decor you cannot throw in everything in your living room.
  2. You can’t fill your space with a lot of furniture, minimalism is all about creating and maintaining free space

Mirror, mirror on the wall! To accentuate your style

There are a wide variety of mirror designs that enhance the beauty and elegance of a home. Mirrors play the most attractive things by capturing attention when someone enters your home. They can brighten a dark room or can make a tiny room look bigger.

The reason why our interior designers love mirrors

  1. Installing a full-length mirror create the illusion of depth in small rooms.
  2. Mirrored furniture pieces such as cabinets, chests, console tables etc are the innovative ways to amp the look of a room.

Reasons why minimalism may not be the right choice for you.

  1. Don’t use too many mirrors in your kitchen the spills and watermarks can demand constant maintenance. Also, the mirrors might break often due to the continuous action going on in the kitchen.
  2. Mirrors on the ceiling is an extremely dangerous option for houses where an earthquake is common.
  3. Using mirrors in the bedroom right where you sleep can illuminate more light and disrupt your sleep.

Smart Homes- enhance your wellbeing

A smart home is nothing but connecting all your home appliances to the internet to a remote monitor or manage appliances such as air conditioner, lighting, and security systems/ audio-video systems. Setting a smart home provides comfort and security to house owners. LeFreddo introduces FIBARO the most powerful and versatile home automation system for homes in Salem and all over Tamil Nadu. Wireless smart automation providing all automation solutions required for your home. You can everything in your smart home efficiently with just one app.

The reason why our interior designers love smart homes

  1. Managing all home devices and appliances through one interface is the most convenient factor here.
  2. Smart home system is wonderfully flexible when it comes to integrating new devices and managing them allowing the homeowners to upgrade to the latest lifestyle technology
  3. Maximizes home security as there are tons of options when incorporating security and surveillance features in your smart home network.

Reasons why minimalism may not be the right choice for you

  1. Most routers supplied by internet provider do not offer consistent performance. Hence make sure there is connectivity throughout the home so you can include critical systems such as lighting and heating also
  2. Don’t do it by yourself always seek a professional help

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