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Home furnishing essentials for Indian homes by Interior designers

Good vibes are created when the environment looks pleasant and comfortable. Such a comfortable room or home can be put together with well-furnishing ideas with our Lefreddo, the interior designers in salem. A home with attractive furniture with better color contrast will be an added beauty to our home. A few well-designed furniture which looks both logical as well as elegant and makes a fine difference to your home. Even if you are in a small apartment, it is possible to live in style. When considering a well-furnished home, there are a few foundational ideas that are essential. These furnishings that will see you through all the moves, through the good times and bad. Those furnishings are not only timeless but allow a home to function properly. Because they will be with you for a long time period, these are also ideas to take your time in choosing. Ponder how their style and function will endure the different phases of your life. 

Few ideas can be listed in which we can make our furnishing better to give a stylish view:

To make room, make some changes

In case we have an overstuffed sofa that doesn’t allow our room for a proper coffee table, a set of nested side tables that can be made out at LeFreddo, with comfy cushions, can also double as coffee tables.

Balance the furniture- dark with bright, heavy with light

We often find dark wood furniture that has been in the family for generations in our home. A great way to use them is to furnish the remaining space with light colors to avoid the clumsiness. We can use a set of antiques and can place them separately in different rooms. This way we make use of the antique to fit into your current decor.

Prepare for the inevitable guests

Have a rack at the entrance and chest for keys, wallets, bills, and other things we carry in our pockets on our way in and out. Secret storage compartments can be made in our furniture where we can put drop things when we are in haste. A sofa bed is the best choice for our friends who stay in our home often. If you have elders or relatives residing with us, have a guest room.

Choose a design style

A common problem in many Indian homes is that decorating with a mix of styles, different from one room to the next. It simply doesn’t look good as we want it to be. Start by deciding like how we want our home to be and identify room furnishing ideas that match that look. For instance, if you want an ethnic feel, pepper your spaces with Indian arts. Solid wood sofas, colorful cushions, brass or copper plant base, and handmade toys can be utilized.

Terrace Gardening

A better idea for furnishing our home and where we can use more greenery. These plants help in purifying the air we breathe. Also, we can use some greenery in our individual room for pure air. Once you have tended to the interior of your home, turn your attention to the garden. A pleasant lawn and planter boxes filled with lush are the key features. “No home is complete without greenery,” says Lefreddo. 

Floating Shelves

In a small apartment, we won’t find more space, a floating shelf is an easy way to add display or storage space, without making the area look confused. They can be used for displaying books or photographs to add beauty to a room.

Culturally inspired Art

Traditional art will make an Indian home look authentic. We can also make use of embroidery layers for the cushions on your sofa or diwan. Your dream home will be your actual dream home for a reason! Fill it with items that sing to you and while furniture often is constrained, art is the perfect place to let your imagination and personal style. A gallery wall or single frame will make your home feel cultured and unique.

An Eye-Catching Oversize Mirror

An oversize mirror adds glamour to any interior and will work wonders for small-space dwellers in any room in the house. Rustic, industrial, they make a rich statement while serving a practical function to boot.

Curtains as matching your wall

Our Interior designer really feels that curtains are essential to any decor because they can make your home feel instantly elegant. You should look at your window and find the place to fix the curtain rod. If placed too close to the window, the curtains make the window appear smaller. You might want to consider moving the curtain rod from the ceiling. 

When it comes to the color and texture there really are no rules. Sheer and light curtains will let in more light and suits better for a living room. In the bedroom, you might want to consider a thicker fabric that blocks out the light. Go for curtains that feel pleased with the rest of your home decor.