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Top 7 Curtain design ideas for small homes according to Interior designers

Many home owners and renters are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to making their small space look beautiful, appealing and spacious. Due to lack of storage, and limited wall and floor space too many things will make a small room cramped and unappealing. There is a simple and pocket-friendly solution for people who are looking to infuse personality and character in their small homes.

Did you know curtain designs can break or make a room look beautiful? This is possible only if the curtains are chosen according to the according to its functionality and looks. Many people ignore window dressing as they think it is unnecessary. A room with naked windows not only look unappealing but also make the room lose its privacy. Adding curtains to your small home is one of the easiest and affordable way of transforming a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are top 10 curtain design ideas for small homes at an affordable budget from LeFreddo- interior designer in Salem. There are so many curtain designs from opaque to velvet, floral to patterns that is sure to give your home a better view.

  • Blend the curtains

While contrast curtain colors enhance the beauty of a room, they cause visual clutter in small spaces. Consider matching the color of your curtains, blinds, or shades to the color of the walls in a small room. Interior designers and decorators recommend matching curtain designs to the walls, furniture, and other aspects of a room. If the drapes chosen do not match the surrounding walls, consider combining them with other elements in the space; For example, choose a rug that is similar in color and texture to the curtains to carry the pattern down and across the floor.

  • Avoid extra volume

The excess fabric such Poms, lace, and layered fabric are all superfluous frills that add extra volume to the curtains and take up more area than necessary, despite being texturally fascinating and aesthetically beautiful. Avoid curtains with heavier fabric or bands running around the bottom, since this form of fabrics will weigh down the drapes and negate any height gained by mounting the rod higher on the wall. For small rooms, linen drapes or cotton curtains with open weaves work well, while unlined silk drapes without excessive embroidery also work well.

  • Choose patterns wisely

Curtain design with heavy or horizontal patterns can make a room feel diminutive hence discouraged by many Interior designers and decorators. Heavy patterns and over-sized designs can make a large room appear grandeur. Whereas, these patterns will weigh down a small room and draw all the attention towards the windows neglecting the delicate furnishings in a room.

As a result, if a more fascinating curtains or draperies are desired, choose small, vertical patterns. For a plaid or hatched pattern, consider those with a thicker vertical line and finer horizontal lines for small spaces. If you think patterns might be too bold for a small space then opt for curtains with open weave. Open weave on brightly colored fabric when interacted with light will serve as a pattern when light interacts.

  • Hang the curtains high.

In order to visually expand a whole room the good rule of thumb it to place the curtain rod 4 inches above the window for houses with ceiling molding and 6 inches for houses that don’t have ceiling molding.  This draws the eye upward for the entire room length creating an illusion of height. This way you are placing the curtain rod higher than the window making the room look taller and larger.

  • Mix & Match the curtains

Consider how you’ll use your curtains or drapes while selecting them for your small home. If you want to keep the curtains open, look for light fabrics like cotton or linen. This will allow the most light in while also providing the privacy you desire. Choose a heavier or denser cloth if you plan to keep the curtains tucked to the sides of the windows. These curtains will transform your room into a magnificent haven. In either case, more light enters your limited room. Letting enough sunlight into a space will make it look bigger and feel airy.

  • Opt for neutral colors

If your goal is to let plenty of natural light inside then opt for curtains or draperies in neutral shades. Neutral shades such as plain white, beige, silver grey allow enough natural light and give your small home an inviting feel.

  • Use decorative curtain rods

Why overlook curtain rods when trying to improve the look of your small house with curtains? Look for carved curtain rods or those with unusual shades. Beautifully detailed curtain rods will lead the eye to the ceiling and make the room appear larger than it is. The curtain rod can also be 8-12 inches broader than the actual window frame size. Just as putting the curtain rod higher makes the room appear bigger and wider, putting it wider than the window frame does the same.

Whether you’re trying to hang curtains in your living room or bedroom, the tips provided by LeFreddo- Interior Designer in Salem should assist you in finding the right curtain for your small home. If you’re still having trouble deciding on the ideal curtain for your home, get in touch with us now.