Modular kitchen in Salem

Who provide the best Modular Kitchen in Salem?

If you are in the process of planning a new Kitchen Modular kitchen is the best choice. A modular kitchen is just a cutting edge and adaptable approach to planning your kitchen, permitting you to pick an assortment of cupboards for various capacities, that come in “modules.” The modules are accessible in various sizes which can suit different capacities relying upon which zone of the kitchen, you would decide to utilize the module. They are likewise accessible in any number of hues, styles, and finishes which can influence the cost, yet besides, it implies that you will have the option to locate the correct style to suit the look and feel you are attempting to accomplish in your kitchen.

Here are a few rundowns of modular kitchens in Salem. I hope this would be informative in settling on a decision.

LeFreddo – Best Modular Kitchen in salem 

Everybody wants a kitchen that is eye-catching and at the same time has the convenience of functionality. Your best bet is, LeFreddo smart Interiors providing the elegant designs that fulfill the requirements of visual delight and an incredible sense of utility. They have satisfied several customers all over Tamil nadu with ease of utility. LeFreddo has 3 decades of experience in the niche offering the best customer services to their clients. The modules are of high quality as they are factory-made following the standard precision to fit your space flawlessly. The best element is that they provide a guarantee and a yearly assistance contract. They bring Technology and style under one roof with their wide range of smart furniture designs. LeFreddo is the best modular kitchen choice for people living in Salem and Chennai as they provide the best customer services additionally you don’t have to wait long as they are near you.


India’s largest modular kitchen brand with world-class quality and excellent craftsmanship. The cabinets they use are made with European technology that is well-suited for Indian homes. They provide a wide range of designs under Aristo, Styles, Glossy, Bling, Artize, Smarteco. This one of a kind brand changes your drilling antiquated kitchen into a cutting edge refined kitchen. The materials are of high caliber that suits your stylistic theme needs and style. Sleek spotlights on consumer loyalty, advancement, and quality.


The largest manufacturer of a fitted kitchen in Europe. They offer a wide range of designs under Modern kitchens, Designer kitchens, Modern classic, Natural living, Line N. They are one of the most desirable kitchens in the world. The showrooms are available in Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai.


They provide a combination of intelligent technology, functionality, and design. Their technology for furniture turns each kitchen into a savvy kitchen, with high-quality kitchen fittings that make ergonomic sense. The modules such as drawers, hinges sliding doors close gently with a silent system for whisper-quiet closing.


The international company provides hardware, fitting systems, and an electronic locking system. The following are Hafele’s appliances IX connect, Moovit, Dialock, Offisysy, Slido, Loox, EPC, Lift+Turn. About 150 countries rely on Hafele’s expertise.


World-renowned name in kitchen hoods and chimney. They create novel designs that are Uber-stylish and highly aesthetic. Elica appliances are tailored to be in sync with your cooking needs. They provide noise and odor-free cooking experience.

Godrej Interio

Brings the high-class modular kitchen furniture and services in India. They mean to change spaces with its attentively structured furniture to make stunning homes. The kitchen plans are customized offering style and comfort that work easily with your space. Their modular kitchen embellishments are adaptable and solid with exceptional storage capacity are the extraordinary highlights of the Godrej Interio.


It is extraordinary compared to other modular kitchen brands giving its products to address the issues of mortgage holders around the world. Kohler keeps up a six-continent conveyance and service network. They are eminent for the smart kitchen faucets and modular kitchen settings. Kohler kitchen faucets have a huge scope of styles, hues, and materials.

Once you have picked the best modular kitchen for your cook space they are a few key factors to focus on before installing it.

1. The triangle rule

According to the triangle rule the stove, refrigerator, and sink should be within accessible range. This means the stove and refrigerator must be placed opposite to each other and the sink between the two.

2. Put the corners to the best use

L-shape is perfect to put the corners of the room to the best use. You can place the Sink in the corner or either place open for various appliances.

3. Use materials that require less maintenance 

The ideal purpose of a modular kitchen is to make life easy and simple to use. Always opt for low maintenance materials.

4. Clever optimization

The most important necessity of a modular kitchen is a clever optimization of the storage space. Drawers are the best option when it comes to space optimization.

5. Quality

When it comes to quality, don’t compromise. The kitchen design and furniture you choose should last for a lifetime so opt for reasonably priced modular kitchen furniture and fittings that fit into your budget plan.