8 Simple ways to brighten and lighten up your home

Here are a few tips from the best interior designers in Salem to keep your home on the brighter side. No matter if it’s winter or any time of the year these tips are going to keep your home brighter and lightened all through the year. Due to overpopulation and too many homes around, we cannot make up ways to brighten our homes with natural light so if you are flooded with oodles of natural light then these ideas are just for you.

  1. Enhance with Lamps

Enhance your interiors with ambient light is never a bad idea. You can incorporate lights in many areas of your home for instance if your kitchen does not receive much natural light a decorative lamp on your kitchen worktop can make an immeasurable difference. Also, to make enough light for your cabinets and wall units you can stick LED strips. These little strips of light can make your kitchen area brighter. You can also invest in occasional lamps and place them everywhere in your home. You can place them on your hallway table, next to bed or sofa, on your desk, We offer a Home automation system in Salem, in which lights turn On and OFF from your smart device. This is another hassle-free way to brighten up your whole home in one touch.

  • Imitate daylight

Did you know that strong light signals help us maintain our circadian rhythm such as metabolism, and sleep on track? As most of the homes don’t get enough natural light we lack energy and feel sleep deprived all through the day. Many interior daylight lamps mimic the sunlight and maintain our wellness as well. Lumie daylight alarm clock can be set to wake you up with the light just like a sunrise. For an ultimate mood boost, Lumie daylights are the best to invest in also, place your working desk next to a window with an outdoor view during the day to boost up your productivity.

  • Welcome the Sunlight

For homes that don’t get enough sunlight, it is essential to keep all your lamps and lights on. However, there are few things that you can do to welcome the sunlight throughout the day. Firstly, clean the windows cut all the prunes any shrubs or trees that are blocking the daylight. Interior designers suggest using window treatments that are light and allow sunlight indoors. Also, incorporate window treatments that can be drawn fully, so that you can allow sunlight inside during the day.

  • De-clutter your home

A minimal approach can make your home seem brighter and airier. Removing unused and unwanted kinds of stuff that choke up your shelves and floors instantly should be avoided. Taking bags of unwanted clothes or old toys to charity or selling unused furniture or household items can free up more space. This way your home will look brighter and lightened up in no time.

  • Paint your home pale

Interior designers say that light affects the paint color in many ways. Natural light affects the room’s brightness throughout the day whereas artificial light affects the color depending on the type of bulb used. When choosing the color for interiors natural light should be considered. By using pale colors on the walls it can reflect the light and make your home look lit-up all through the day. 

  • Floors and Ceiling

Floor and ceilings are the two big surfaces of a house. Investing in a pale carpet or rug in your room can reflect light all over the space. Whereas when looking for flooring options invest in pale floors and tiles to bounce backlight to the ceiling. According to the interior design process, this is a great and simple way to achieve a brighter look.

  • Avoid bulky furniture

For a brighter vibe switch to furniture that stands up on legs. This is a great way to show off your light inducing floors. Interior designers when design a small space home they suggest clients invest in pale-colored furniture. If you already own dark color furniture then scatter pale cushions or consider painting it in a brighter hue.

  • Reflect light using Mirrors

Once you have been done with everything said above, enhance and reflect the light incorporating mirrors all around. Consider a large piece of glass on the wall or use then on your occasional coffee table, cupboards, or on your kitchen backsplash. If not just plain mirrors, use a gallery wall of photos with glass frames. This way you can reflect light into your rooms. 

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