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7 stunning backsplash ideas for your modular kitchen

Backsplash tile is a small detail that you can add in your modular kitchen to enhances the overall look of your cook space. You might have heard the word backsplash when your interior designer was planning for an amazing kitchen or bathroom, Yes it’s really a crucial part in making your space look beautiful. Just with little planning and creativity your backsplash can add style and character to your modular kitchen.

We the designers of a stunningly beautiful modular kitchen in Salem give you 7 backsplash tile ideas that will enhance the look of your kitchen. If you have a backsplash already in your modular kitchen I am sure these ideas are going to make you want to revamp your kitchen.

Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Mosaic backsplashes add a visual interest to your cook space. Mosaic tiles can be used in both kitchen and bathrooms. These tile pieces are available in various styles, colors, and in every conceivable format like glass, ceramic, and plastic. Higher end mosaic tile such as glass, and stone are expensive, whereas plastic, and wood costs less. But make sure to pick the right material and style for your home.


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Low-maintenance
  3. Chemical resistant
  4. Ecologically sustainable. Less energy is utilized to create a glass tile
  5. Cheaper installation
  6. It can be recycled and reused


  1. Brittle by size so careful handling is needed
  2. They are pourable therefore the surface becomes moist and sticky
  3. They are translucent making the adhesive material visible

Classic marble backsplash

This natural stone adds beauty, warmth, and elegance to your kitchen. If you are looking for a bold and dramatic backsplash tile for your kitchen then classic marble is perfect for your modular kitchen. This backsplashes are perfect for adding beauty and protection around sinks and countertops.


  1. They elevate any home décor
  2. They are distinctive and unique
  3.  Eco-friendly
  4. They shimmer and shine making your empty hall stand out
  5. High-density stone


  1. Prone to scratch
  2. It is both hard, and soft
  3. Extremely slippery when polishes
  4. Prone to all kind of damages like crack, and breakage
  5. Very expensive

Moroccan backsplash tile

To make your kitchen look wonder-struck Moroccan tiles are the best. Its durability and strength make it a popular choice in many homes. But Moroccan tiles do not blend well with some interior design styles. Home with Mediterranean interior design style is the best fit for Moroccan backsplash tile. This tile makes your modular kitchen feel timeless no matter if you prefer to give your space a traditional or eclectic touch.


  1. Renders a trendy touch to your modular kitchen
  2. They can be used as an accent piece
  3. They can be timeless


  1. Requires high-maintenance
  2. May not blend with some interior design styles

Quartz backsplash tile

Quartz is a durable surface that can be installed in your kitchen to add beauty to your cook space. Quartz have a lot of benefits when installed as a backsplash for your modular kitchen. It is become a latest trend in kitchen for its sleek continuous slab, and modern look with fewer breaks.


  1. It is Durable
  2. Requires less-maintenance


  1. It costs high
  2. Quartz countertops are heat-resistant
  3. Heavy
  4. It can be used only for indoors

Patterned Backsplash tile

If you are in search of an interesting backsplash tile then look for a patterned tile to hang around your sink and countertop. Incorporating a patterned tile eliminates the need of creating a focal point in your modular kitchen. A patterned backsplash tile can never make your kitchen look plain by instantly acting as a focal point for your eyes.


  1. They are made of either granite or quartz.
  2. The pattern can be in the  tile itself or the tile can be arranged in a pattern


  1. The pattern may get outdated in few days

Glass Backsplash tile

Glass backsplash tile gives your modular kitchen a clean and elegant look. Toughened glass tiles are becoming popular in many modular kitchen designs now for their ability to reflect light and brighten up any dim space.


  1. It makes your modular kitchen stunningly beautiful, making your small space kitchen look larger.
  2. Very easy to clean.
  3. Does not absorb water hence zero-water absorption.
  4. Eco-friendly as it can be recycled.


  1. Very expensive backsplash tile
  2. Professional installation is required

Ceramic Backsplash tile

For an eye-catching and efficient backsplash opt for ceramic backsplash tile. They are the most common backsplash tile found in many homes. This add tremendous visual appeal, color, and personality to your modular kitchen. Ceramic tile let you to experiment with bold designs, pattern, and colors.


  1. Very affordable backsplash tile
  2. No professional help is needed hence easy to install.


  1. You get very limited color variations and patterns
  2. Make sure to buy enough tiles for your space because the color may vary from lot to lot.