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How to create a Mediterranean interior design style?

“I fell in love with the Mediterranean philosophy of good wine, good food and culture,” said the famous psychological thriller fiction author Stephen White. Just like its culture your Mediterranean style home evokes romantic aesthetics of southern European countries. This is the best way to fill your décor with a sun-kissed romance, warm colors, and the marine freshness of the ocean. The European lifestyle is filled with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, we interior designer’s in Salem provide you with the common characteristics of Mediterranean houses and their decorating tips.

The Mediterranean style includes the following design themes namely,

  1. Greek-style
  2. Italian style
  3. Spanish style

Highlights of Interior design style

  1. Color is the key to recreate this atmosphere, color selection of the walls, flooring, furniture and fabrics are inspired by the sun. If nor prefer olive, red, pink, and deep yellow.
  2. Furnishings should be of natural materials such as wood, wrought iron, glass, and stone. 
  3. Flooring allows ceramic tiles, which is warmed with soft mat also laminate woods or rough bleached wooden planks. 
  4. Ceilings are decorated with massive beams and kept high. Color palettes such as matte sand, beige, milky shade, are used. 

Colors inspired by Nature

Mediterranean Interior design style mimics colors those of the sky and the ocean, warm colors can also be included depending on the region you live. For inspiration look into the deep blues of sky and sea to the terra cotta, warm tones of earthenware bring in the evidence of Mediterranean culture into your home. If cool shades look too boring to pop up your space glimpses of lavender, yellow, hues of deep rusts to creamy tan all mimic nature. 

For Kitchen walls:

Most commonly used hues are shades of yellow, soft cream, sand, and sunny tones. To make it more cozy use more warm tones.

For living room:

depends on the theme you choose, for Greek-style white, blue, olive, and terracotta for Italian grey, sand to yellow and terracotta for Spanish cobalt blue, yellow, and dark red stones.

For Bathrooms: tiles are picked in the color traditional for Mediterranean style design.

To make your Mediterranean style home more inviting LeFreddo interior designers advice to include calm beige for walls or lime and lavender for accessories. 

Pick furnishings of natural materials

To create a complete Mediterranean style home opt for natural materials such as wood or wrought iron. This warm and dark furniture can be refreshed by adding vivid pillows, rugs or bright accent bedding. To create an Italian aesthetics cast iron and ornate piece of furniture is used. For Greek, modern furniture creates a patio- type feel. For Spanish, uses Moroccan furniture with vibrant colors such as cobalt blue, yellow, and dark red stones.

For Kitchen: Choose wooden cabinets and countertops, with ceramic tiles on the walls, glass inserts, and metal fittings.

For the dining room: Use a large dining table with wooden chairs made of elegant metal frames upholstered with cotton or linen make it look harmonious. 

For Bedroom: Use luxurious over-sized furniture with bold color beddings 

When it comes to window dressing, curtains should be lighter to ensure brightness and airiness in every room. Choosing white or cream color for window treatment is the perfect choice to create Mediterranean ambience.

Interior designers in LeFreddo recommend accessorizing your Mediterranean style home using chandeliers, candle holders, lamps, and high chairs that have a rustic touch.

Mediterranean style patterns and textures

There is no limitation when it comes to decorating your Mediterranean style home. The patterns and textiles are added everywhere from textiles to their walls and carved furniture. The key element to creating a Mediterranean home is to keep everything soft, fresh, and easy. Mediterranean interiors are often all-white color scheme and soft furnishings add depth and softness to your room. Tiles can also add texture and pattern to your Mediterranean style home, you can either choose terracotta floor tiles or vintage patterned tiles to create warm and charm to your décor.

Accessories to pop some color in your all-white Mediterranean décor

 The accessories used in Mediterranean home décor are rustic and colorful. You can use either a gorgeously colored glass, or earthenware vessels to add complementary to your Mediterranean colors. Rich blues, earthy terracotta’s, browns and greens and sunshine yellows punctuated with metallic in burnished copper and gold are a perfect color palette that helps reflect the very best of Mediterranean style home décor. Focus on simplicity! Don’t clutter your space.

What is Mod-Mediterranean style home décor?

The Mediterranean interior design style is blended with Modern interior design style to create a new look called Mod-Mediterranean interior design style. Mediterranean and Modern together create a clean, fresh look to your interiors which is much better than the eclectic interior design style

No matter what style you want to incorporate strictly Mediterranean style or funky style mod-Mediterranean style in your home, investing on little time and patience you can create the home you dreamt of. We help create intimate spaces with welcoming vibes in LeFreddo you can find professional interior designers who can advise you on the design and development of your project.

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