How to pick the right upholstery for your interior design?

Is it time to reupholster your furniture? Shopping for upholstery is really a daunting task. When it comes to patterns, colors, or fabrics there are endless possibilities available to set up your home with upholstery that perfectly suits your style. With all those endless options in the market making a choice on picking the fabric is quite an overwhelming task. Choosing the wrong material, color or pattern will keep you worried and you will always have thoughts on reupholstering your furniture. So to avoid this confusion our interior designers in Salem are here to help you with the decision-making process.

Let’s see what is an upholstery?

An upholstery is the soft covering of your furniture like chair, sofas, or any other furniture which includes fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. The Fabric, padding, webbing, and springs are the interior materials that make you feel comfortable. The fabrics used can be changed depending on the wear and tear.

Pick a durable Upholstery

Picking an upholstery that is durable will last a long time. The durability of your upholstery material depends on many factors such as the piece of furniture, which room it is used, and who will be using it. For instance, if you have small kids or pets who will be using your upholstered furniture then you will have to pick leather or microfiber fabric. Cotton might seem the right choice but it is not much durable for those with kids and pets, whereas cotton is ideal for tropical climates. For a large family, our LeFreddo interior designers recommend polyester fabric and bold prints. Because floral and geometric prints might seem to be fresh and elegant in the beginning but will make you feel dated in few days. But when you incorporate bold prints you can always toss some hippy cushions to make them look amazing and trendy.

Pick the right color

Think twice before you choose a color for your upholstery. If you make a mistake here, your whole room will suffer. Firstly, you need to know the color scheme of your home to pick the right color that blends perfectly with your interior. Every top interior designers say that choosing a soothing or calming color will make your interior look elegant, whereas vibrant colors might feel outdated in few days. Out Lefreddo Interior designers in Salem who are experts in designing small spaces say that if you have got a large piece of furniture for the small room then light colors are the best choice. Because neutral upholstery will make your cramped space look more spacious than ever. If you have simpler furniture then style them with a pop of colors that matches perfectly with your interior theme.

Pick the right pattern

When picking the right patterns always consider the size and shape of your furniture. The pattern that looks great before fixing onto your sofa might not look perfect once it is put together on your sofa. So always make a wise choice because the pattern you choose can either blend well with the geometry of your room or destroy the whole space. We as the best Interior designers in Salem suggest our clients avoid larger patterns on smaller furniture pieces. According to the home interior design principle, bold patterns are a go for option when it comes to larger spaces, whereas small miniature patterns are for smaller spaces. Convert your old boring chair into an accent chair upholstering with bold patterns and a pop of color.

Pick the right style

Just like color and patterns, fabric style also plays a vital part in picking the right upholstery style. Picking the right upholstery can speak about your personality also make sure your upholstery suits both your furniture and home décor. LeFreddo interior designers always suggest our clients to go for traditional style upholstery for traditional furniture or you can even merge two different styles if you want to create a quirky piece of furniture. Some upholstery fabrics are formal while others are casuals. Pick the fabric that speaks about your style. This is one way to show off your originality to the audience.

Pick an upholstery that you can maintain

Finally, you have picked the right upholstery that perfectly blends into your space and fits your style. But for your upholstery to last longer than it could, you need to give it much attention. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, make sure not to use cotton or linen to your outdoor furniture as it might fade over time. To keep your upholstery away from dirt vacuum it once a month. Avoid using light colored fabric if you have kids or pets. It is always good to get a sample to know if it changes its structure drastically.

Our Interior designers before implementing always learn who they are designing for, and how they will use it. This always helps us focus on our client’s comfort, quality, and durability of the upholstery.