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Importance of space in Interior designing

Are you looking to plan a residential space, office, or commercial space? Space is the foundation to designing a well-organized and functional space that reflects a unique style. It is one of the fundamental elements of the interior design process. Space planning is very essential for an efficiently designed interior that has space for all furniture and maximizes the usage of every square inch of a décor. 

Space planning is the fundamental process of interior designing after all interior designing is all about what we do with the space available. Space is of two types namely- positive space and negative space. Both these spaces play an important role when designing an impeccable interior that is unique and functional. For a perfectly designed space, you need to know to blend both positive and negative space beautifully and equally so that one does not overrule the other. Because rooms with more negative space look very under furnished whereas rooms with too much positive space lack enough space to move around. 

LeFreddo the best interior designer in Salem specializing in interior design and home renovations gives all information about the importance of space in interior designing.

Not all rooms are the same                                                                                  

Every room is different, for instance- each room of a house serves different purposes. All these rooms are defined by their volume. Volume is nothing but the length, breadth, and width of a room. Whatever may be the volume of the room they have spaces in them. The space available in a living room and bedroom is not the same. They are different to serve different purposes. All the architectural elements, furniture used differ for each room according to the purpose they serve. 

For instance, a bedroom will have a bed, wardrobe, side table, lamps in it but you cannot place all these elements in a living room. The living room has a different set of furniture such as upholstery, coffee table, accent chair, TV unit, etc. Therefore not all rooms are the same they differ by volume. 

Negative Space

Negative space is also referred to as white space is the empty area around and between the objects. It is just a space with only a wall, floor and atmosphere. This space does not need any measurements. Every interior designer knows that a room without negative space will feel incomplete. Negative space finds its significance mainly in minimalist interior design style. Having negative space makes a room feel balanced. With proper usage of art, furniture, and negative space you can make a room feel larger and sophisticated. 

If an interior is filled with too much furniture, decorations, and other elements it will ultimately look louder and cluttered making it uncomfortable for living. When space planning, an interior designer will usually plan negative spaces to create a balanced look. For example how much space to be left between the sofa and coffee table? How much negative space should be created on either side of the bed? LeFreddo- Interior designer in Salem will design space by calculating the amount of negative space to be used along with the furniture, and décor elements.

Benefits of negative space

It is an aesthetic element

Space or negative space improves the aesthetics of an interior. Always remember that negative space is very important when planning space. A perfect balance between positive and negative space will create an impeccably beautiful interior hence negative space is a positive idea.

Psychologically very pleasing

Some rooms or places we visited might look stunningly beautiful this is because of the right usage of negative space. We always have a misconception that the architectural design, furnishings, and décor elements make a room look complete. Psychologically speaking our brain focuses only on the individual features of a room. This happens only when negative space is used wisely. 

Accentuates the view of objects

Negative space is one of the unseen décor elements that accentuate the view of elements such as furniture, artwork, lighting, etc. When there is enough breathing space around elements that we want to focus they look beautiful. For example, a beautiful upholstery in a living room can look beautiful when placed behind a blank wall that is painted contrast and placed a few inches away from the wall. This negative space between the wall and the upholstery and on both sides can accentuate the look of the upholstery. 

Offers a positive visual content

Negative space need not be along to enhance the looks of your interiors. To create visual content use negative space along with the positive space. The kitchen is a perfect example of such a space. Use cabinets and drawers for storage and leave the upper wall blank to make your kitchen feel clutter-free. Or use very little storage space on the upper wall where you can store infrequently used objects. 

Creates more space

Negative space is as important as positive space because only when they are blended does a space become functional. When there is no negative space and a room is filled with too many furnishings and décor elements there will be no space for movement. When both positive and negative space is used with balance then you can create a beautiful and functional interior. 

Positive space

To create a proportioned space then perfectly balancing negative and positive space is important. Positive space is nothing but the space that is filled with objects. The balance between positive and negative space makes a space feel not too crowded and spacious. Just how negative space is important in interior design positive space is also equally important. Positive space makes a room functional. Just imagine a room without positive space, it is just an empty room. An under-furnished room will also look bland and incomplete making the room feel incomplete and empty. 

Positive space is a great way to add elegance, texture, and character to a space. Using elements such as carpets, natural materials, lighting, etc. can add personality, and uniqueness to a space. 

Do you want to design your home like a pro but don’t know how to use negative and positive space perfectly? Make a consultation with one of our interior designers who can help create a balanced and functional interior.