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7 ways to create a stylish and functional modular kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and in most cases the hardest working room of a home. It is the place where we spend our time together with family, entertain our guests, cook variety of dishes for family, and friends, or at least have a solo cup of coffee to refresh our day. A perfectly designed kitchen should be welcoming and inviting to our family and friends. A fully functional and stylish kitchen can make our daily life a little easier as well.

We are proud to design the hardest working room- kitchen with smart and stylish solutions to provide a functional kitchen for all homes. So here are some tips from LeFreddo designers of the best modular kitchen in Salem to create a kitchen that will suit you and your family.

Look for some inspiration

You can get so much inspiration from nature, places and objects for interior design projects. There is so much to get creative from nature. The color of the sunset, texture of a beach scene, monochromatic design of a nightscape all make a great inspiration to create a beautiful home designs.

There are so many interior design inspiration on the internet. You can browse and find many on social media websites, blog pages, and forums. Our website gallery page also has many inspiration for your interior and kitchen design. Even the littlest details on internet can be valuable and can help improve the appearance of your home.

A visit to a friend or family member’s home who has designed their kitchen recently can also provide a lot of idea for your renovation.

 The layout

A modular kitchen is designed based on its layout. Layout is the fundamental to a well-designed modular kitchen and it decides where everything should be placed. There are four types of layout- L-layout, U-layout, parallel and straight layout that helps create a functional kitchen. To make your kitchen more functional make sure you don’t forget the golden triangle. Golden triangle is nothing but placing the stove, refrigerator and sink close to each other in a triangle. Open plan kitchens and kitchens with island are popular for its aesthetic looks and seamlessly integrated functionality it offers. A breakfast nook or a dining area is also added in a kitchen to create a cozy place for breakfast or for a solo cup of coffee in the morning.

Adding an island creates a second golden triangle making it easy for more than two cooks to move around and work easily. A kitchen island or dining area make a comfortable spot to spend time together with family and friends, extra work space and storage. Your kitchen layout depends on the architecture of your house or if renovating then talk to your interior designer about the layout you wish to have.

To know more about modular kitchen based on interior layout

Get creative with storage Storage is a vital part of modular kitchen design. At LeFreddo we believe in the saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place. A kitchen designed with a perfect space for your modular appliances,

and cooking essentials will be free form clutter and looks organized. Thus a well-organized and clutter-free kitchen will look stylish and functional. There are so many DIY and designers suggested storage ideas for every kitchen to make it more beautiful. Cabinets and drawers keep everything concealed and safe inside the doors whereas open shelves are a great way to display kitchen essentials that you are proud to show off. If you have space constraint then incorporate storage even in the nook and cranny of your kitchen. For instance, the corners below the countertop and the walls where you can install a rolling cabinet or a shelf. Cabinets and drawers can be installed below the islands also for extra storage if you have one wall kitchen. Pantry room or a pantry wall cabinet is also a great way to store the condiments, glass jars and lots of other kitchen essentials away to avoid mishaps. There are so many pantry room design ideas

you can find on the internet or ask your kitchen designer about it. To know more about cabinets and its dimensions


When designing a kitchen we give importance to countertop material, flooring, storage etc. but the only element that is left unsung is the lighting. Did you know when lights are used properly a kitchen become more functional? But for this you need to understand the types and usage of different lightings used in modular kitchen interior. Generally four types of lighting is used namely- General, task, decorative, and cabinet.  When all these four types of lights are used cohesively in a modular kitchen it makes the kitchen brighter and functional.

For more modular kitchen lighting ideas

Consider the needs of your kitchen

When designing your kitchen ask these five questions to yourself

  1. How many are there in your family?
  2. How will you be using the kitchen?
  3. If you need an island or not?
  4. Do you have kids?
  5. Do you cook and bake?

Some people like to have an island as a focal point, place to entertain guest, and as extra countertop space. If you have kids designing a kitchen with all safety measures is important. There are so many ideas for a child-friendly modular kitchen design.

If you do both cooking and baking then you will need extra counter space. If you have more than one chef then designing a kitchen with two work triangle is considered ideal.

Kitchen style

The style of your modular kitchen determines the functionality of your kitchen. Therefore firstly, determine the style you wish to follow. Also, know if that style can be adopted in a busy kitchen. Traditional clean lines; contemporary moderate plan; or conventional fragile specifying – there are no restrictions to making the style you need. The style will impact the feel and your general cooking experience, so think about how a marble, stone or rock worktop will impact your plan.

Consider how the kitchen style will function with the style of your modular kitchen. A create a stunningly beautiful kitchen is to coordinate a firm design scheme all through your home. This can be just about as basic as utilizing a similar entryway profile or handles for cabinetry in your kitchen, clothing, restroom and living space. It’s likewise a smart thought to consider the theme of your home and match as needs be.

Add some final touch

Refreshing a smallest thing can create a big in your kitchen interior. It might be a fresh coat of paint, new window treatments, cabinet and drawer handles. A backsplash can act as a focal point or can be functional in avoiding your walls from getting dirty from oil splatters. Stylish decorative elements and ceiling designs can also make your kitchen look seamlessly beautiful.

If you are in search of stylish and functional kitchen design and don’t know where to start? Then get in touch with our kitchen designers at LeFreddo. Book your consultation today.