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Top 5 modular kitchen trends with mirror

Typically an Indian spends 13 hours of a week just for cooking whereas the global cooking average repot is 6.5 hours a weeks. The study concludes that we spent maximum time in Kitchen. This makes sense that a larger and airy kitchen is really important for Indians. But due to space constraints not everybody can have a lavishly large kitchen in their house. But including something unexpected in your kitchen can make it feel brighter, airy and make your kitchen seem larger than it actually is.

The unexpected item we are talking about is the Mirror. There is no magic mirror in the world but every mirror has a magic of its own. They can easily transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary or unexpected. We have mirror everywhere in our house living room, bedroom bathroom so, why not add one in the kitchen. This unique and unexpected piece of item is really going to delight your guests.

Reasons to use mirror in a kitchen

Makes the kitchen seem larger: Mirrors are often used to make a space appear larger in interior design. So it can be used in a kitchen to make it appear larger. You can hang a mirror anywhere between the cabinets, refrigerator, and range hoods or behind the stove and sink.

Makes the kitchen Brighter: Mirrors amplify the amount of light in a room. In case your kitchen wall cannot accommodate enough windows to provide natural light the, incorporate a mirror.

Protects the wall from heat damage: The wall behind the stove/hob is prone to heat and hence get damaged quickly. This is why we use a backsplash behind the stove. Instead of using tile backsplash opt for glass that can withstand heat. A glass backsplash will protect the wall from heat damage and make your kitchen appear larger and brighter.

After all this benefits we realize that a mirror has a great part to play in a modular kitchen interior. Here are a few ways to use mirrors in your kitchen to improve your kitchen space instantly beautiful.

Mirror Backsplash

Mirror backsplash is a great way to add dimension and light to a small cramped kitchen. Installing backsplash mirrors is the simplest technique to instantly make a tiny kitchen appear larger. Mirror tiles may suit your aesthetic, but if you actually want to create the illusion of a larger room, a seamless, single sheet on each wall would be more effective. To further complete the visual illusion, glass cabinet doors give depth and under-cabinet LED lighting offer brightness.

Antique Mirror tiles

Antique Mirror Glass tiles have become one of the most sought-after and popular layout configurations for feature walls, backsplash, and other cladding applications. For a distinctive kitchen decoration, mirror can be polished and antiqued to seem old. The antique mirror backsplash in this room has a deeper tint and a worn appearance.

You can still benefit from a mirrored backsplash reflective and room-brightening capabilities without having everything in your room reflected back to you. The antique-style mirror tiles’ appearance is a terrific way to complement more conventional kitchen designs.

Mirror behind the sink:

 A mirror is always going to be the next-best thing after a window. It can make a room seem bigger and bounce light around in a way that nothing else can. A mirror has the ability to make a room appear larger and bounce light in ways that no other material can. Using a mirror behind the sink can help you have an eye on your kids.

Mirrored cabinet doors:

Glass cabinet doors are popular because they offer visual depth to the kitchen and allow you to display elegant stemware or vintage china. If glass doors aren’t your thing and solid cabinet doors aren’t quite cutting it, you might want to consider utilizing mirrors instead. Cabinet door mirrors, like backsplash mirrors, may make a tiny kitchen appear larger.

The eye-level location of mirrored doors on wall cabinets allows for maximum light reflection, creating the illusion of a brighter, larger, more open area. If you struggle to keep your cabinets tidy inside, mirrors are an excellent alternative to plain glass. In case, if you’re concerned about keeping the dazzling surface clean, an antiqued mirrored glass treatment, like the one seen below, will hide fingerprints and smudges while still adding character.

Reflective pendant light fixtures:

Mirrored pendant light fixtures are a modern, more subdued way to use mirrors in your kitchen. They can bring a unique touch to your kitchen. These pendant lights aren’t going to make your kitchen look bigger, but they will brighten it up. Pendant lights are a fantastic method to offer task lighting to the island in a properly illuminated kitchen, which should have a balance of ambient, job, and accent lighting. You’ll almost certainly have recessed lights above the pendant lights, whose radiance will be reflected by the mirrored light fixture below, creating an enticing, ambient glow in your kitchen.

Pros of using mirror in a Modular kitchen interior

While there are numerous options for backsplash materials, design pros and to do homeowners alike prefer mirror tile backsplash for a variety of reasons.

  • Mirror tile increases the amount of reflected light and visibility from fixtures and natural light for easier cleanup
  • Mirror tile increases the amount of reflected light and visibility from fixtures and natural light to enhance the perceived size of a kitchen while showcasing kitchen fixtures and appliances
  • It acts as a spill-proof, stain-resistant, and dirt-resistant surface. Kitchen tile backsplash installation is a simple do-it-yourself project.

Cons of using Mirror in modular kitchen interior

Mirror tile reflects everything and might create a cluttered appearance. Mirror tile backsplash has a few extra drawbacks.

  • Tile not properly installed can lead to moisture weakening the tile adhesive and falling off
  • ¬†Kitchen mirror tile backsplash may require sacrificing counter space depending on the design
  • Kitchen mirror tile backsplash is less resistant to bangs, scrapes, and sharp edges
  • Kitchen mirror tile backsplash requires regular cleaning to maintain its look
  • Mirror tile backsplashes are becoming more popular in kitchens, but they may look different once they’re installed.

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