modular kitchen in salem

What are the latest combination of colors for modular kitchen?

Colors are most attractive which confuses the customer to choose which to choose and which would suit their kitchen. Initially, there are few things on which we have to focus on before going for choosing the color.

1.Wall color

2.Accessorize in one color

3.Kitchen countertops

4.Kitchen Wall tiles

The wall color should be made only after choosing the base color of the modular kitchen. And it also depends on the color of the house. 

When someone is fond of a single color and that can’t be given just like that to the kitchen or to the house. Some patterns in the colors will make the kitchen look attractive. So single colors of different shades.

Countertops are not much concerned for some highlighting color. Still it might become a trend later and people get adapted to it.

Kitchen Wall tiles are mostly colored in white. Now black is making the kitchen more stylish and easy to maintain. Colors are known for its attractive nature. Colors indicate the exact taste of the customers. Color combinations can be considered with some themes.

Those Themes are 






6.Calm and soothing

modular kitchen in salem

As per the name suggests the color makes the kitchen look royal. Shades of those royal colors gives a royal pride feel. Royal is something which is worthy of suiting a king or queen. Hence, it focuses on some contrast colors also known as noble colors.

Example: Purple, Green, Royal blue, Red, Orange

modular kitchen in salem


Classic is best of a kind for a long time and is still relevant even now and the past. In simple words it can be said as

Traditional + Modern = Classic

Primary colors like blue, green, red and some combined colors are said to be classic. 

Example: Wooden brown

modular kitchen in salem


Cool is pleasurable, they are not too cold or not warm. Cool colors come in the shade of blue, green, violet. Grey being the greatest combination to these cool colors.
Example: Blue and green

modular kitchen in salem


Stylish means which look different from “normal” and creates trends. It is an attribute which makes something to be kept at a high regard. Also others want to follow it. They indicate elegant and skillful.
Example: grape, plum, boysenberry

modular kitchen in salem


Bolds always give you confidence and courage. Being strong with clear focus which indicates to do something to make the things away from dark.
Example: Red, orange, indigo.

modular kitchen in salem


Color which brings a sense of peace. Makes someone feel pleasant and relaxed. Some shades of pale color where white has more domination over other colors.
Example: light colors, pastel yellow
Each theme has some specified color whereas white and grey will be the default color for combination which can be some combo for the modular kitchen. Different themes have different shades of colors which gives more options of colors.

In this new decade let’s start seeing the trend focusing on bolder and thick colors, but more usage of white and grey now combination of different themes gives a creative combination

Some common combinations of shades can be suggested are:

1.Black and white
2.Black and grey
3.Black and sandal
4.Wooden brown and sandal
5.Blue and grey
6.Light blue, white and grey
7.Pastel yellow and grey

White color combination shades have more maintenance, maybe it gives a good outlook for a modular kitchen but it gets stained easily and if we forget to clean or wipe it, it will spoil the attractive kitchen. Here are few maintenance tips for a modular kitchen

Shades of colors change from person to person. Hence new color combinations emerge as the taste of a person differs. To know more about the modular kitchen in Salem