What are the myths in modular kitchen layout design?

The word misconception can be replaced by doubt. Some misconceptions revolve around people’s minds. It might be a fear or doubt which has been created by some modular kitchen users whose experience would have ended up bad. Hence, some misconceptions take place in the mind of the people initially, and this can be proved wrong only when they experience heaven of the modular kitchen

Here are some common misconceptions listed 

  1. Low-Quality Material 
  2. Only plywood makes sense 
  3. Low moisture resistance 
  4. Current trend and will pass through 
  5. Costly 
  6. Cannot install again once done 
  7. Suppliers does not give proper service support

Low Quality material:

  1. For viewing a modular kitchen will make people impressed but the material might be of inferior quality, which may not last long. 
  2. Also some breakage and crack which occur accidentally say that the quality is bad.
  3. So this makes people feel the modular kitchen is not manageable, and they don’t last long. 
  4. But the quality has been checked by the manufacturer and tested and certified products are out for sale 
  5. Initially, it would be an issue but changes were made with upgrades.

Only Plywood makes sense:

  1. It’s a common misconception that modular kitchens can be built only using plywood. But different kinds of materials are used. 
  2. Wood, Medium density fiber wood, High-density fiber wood, solid wood, particleboard are some of the uses in common. Sometimes even glass for decoration purposes. 
  3. So plywood has good usage, yet other materials are not known. * Still other materials also can be given preference.

Low moisture resistance:

  1. After using a normal kitchen, and then swapping it with a modular kitchen brings more doubts in the mind of people. Hence, comes this doubt also, when things are arranged in cabinets this moisture can cause pests or breeding of pests. 
  2. Cabinets are of moisture resistance. If the customer is still not comfortable, moisture barriers are provided to eradicate pests. 
  3. Utensils can be made dry before arranging them in the cabinets; this will stop us from cleaning the cabinets often, and keeps the cabinets free from pests.

Current trend and will pass through:

  1. When something new is invented and it seems to be more comfortable from the existing product, this misconception occurs. * Also when such product is used by more people and still is easy to access hence that product achieves its success 
  2. Hence, this modular kitchen may be a current trend, and it will not be just passed through since it makes the kitchen life easier and enjoyable. 
  3. Not only enjoyable, but it makes our kitchen look more inviting. A woman always wants her kitchen to be neat and good to view. 


  1. The First thing a customer will concentrate on will be the cost of the product, in the case whether it is affordable. 
  2. And when it gives a rich look, it is probably said that a modular kitchen is for affluent people. 
  3. Modular kitchen is accessible and affordable by everyone. The cost of a modular kitchen varies from its size and material used. 
  4. Even a middle-class woman can afford a modular kitchen and cost can be reduced based on their requirements. 

Cannot install again, once done:

  1. The misconception is like if the customer needs to alter or rebuild their house, the existing modular kitchen must be removed and made again. The customer thinks this is not possible also when the area is altered they should opt for a new modular kitchen. 
  2. The modular kitchen can also be altered according to the altered area from the existing one. 
  3. The Same material can be used for alteration and existing material can be used to set the kitchen again. 
  4. There is no need to break it or get a new modular kitchen. Hence, we can install the modular kitchen again. 

Suppliers do not give proper service support:

  1. Installation of modular kitchens is not at all the end process, yet even it has been mentioned already that even an installed modular kitchen can be dismantled and reused. 
  2. This can be done only when the customer is properly served. 
  3. In other cases, few issued might not be shared to the modular kitchen manufacturer

Breaking the major misconception about the modular kitchen fear among the customer, these doubts can be made clear when you consult LeFreddo modular kitchen manufacturer in Salem about the planning, and installation of modular kitchen in their area.