Modular kitchen in salem

How to choose the best modular kitchen?

Do you desire a stylish kitchen that will enlighten your cook space? Then you might be thinking of installing a modular kitchen to create the look you dream of. The concept of modular kitchen is to bring creativity and magnificence under one roof with different modules like cabinets, wall units, shelves, kitchen basin fitted together.

When it comes to designing a modular kitchen you need utmost care because it could be a very challenging process. Here you’ll find a few easy steps to settle on the most effective modular kitchen for your space.

  1. Define the layout of your kitchen
  2. Focus material type and quality
  3. Select the appropriate kitchen cabinets and modules
  4. Search for customized options
  5. Choose the right appliances
  6. Choose the appropriate countertop
  7. The focus of color and lightening
  8. Focus on countertop and cabinet height
  9. Choose appropriate wall-tile
  10. Price

Define the layout of your kitchen

A kitchen must follow the traditional work triangle concept where the Cooktop and refrigerator are placed parallel to each other and also the sink is placed between them. Here are a few designs that provide functionality and space utilization at the same time

  • L-shaped kitchen 
  • U-shaped kitchen
  • G-shaped kitchen
  • Galley kitchen
  • Straight kitchen
  • Parallel kitchen
  • Kitchen with Island /Peninsula

The kitchen shape is determined consistent with the provision of space and depending on the taste of the house owner.

Focus on material type and quality

The finish of the kitchen cabinets contributes to the stunning look of the space. Especially in modern kitchens, here could be a choice of materials that are used for kitchen cabinets.

Wood: Popularly used material for Indian kitchen cabinets. It is natural and non-toxic, once installed, they can be stained and varnished in the desired shade.

Laminates: Pocket-friendly and resistant to damage and infestation. They provide a wide range of finishes, including matte and glossy.

Wood veneers: more economical than real wood but they are sensitive to sunlight and need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking polished and new.

PVC: Made of plastic composite and not environmentally friendly. They fade and become yellow over time. 

Metal: Stainless steel and aluminum are the metals. They can easily get oxidized or rusted.

Select the appropriate kitchen cabinets and modules

There are so many different types of cabinets to choose from. Without having a knowledge on types of cabinets, doors, and drawers it is hard to make a choice

Tall Cabinets: They are usually 84-96 inches tall. The ideal function of a tall unit is to serve as a storage space for various foods.

Base modular kitchen Cabinets: These cabinets are seen below the countertop. They offer a large amount of storage space, you can store all your kitchen utensils and appliances.

Search for customized options

Customized kitchens are nothing but tailor-made just to fit your space flawlessly. So to make it look unique and stylish focus on the following 

Design: From modern to contemporary there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. Once you choose the style you want, design experts will help you decide on storage requirements, accessories, appliances, and hues. This is where you decide on how to make your kitchen look stylish and reflect your style

Functionality: The ideal use of a modular kitchen is to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. A kitchen must be stylish and at the same time should ensure that you have a convenient space to work. This is where you have to focus on space utilization.

Choose the right appliances

Indian cuisine requires different sizes and shapes of pots and pans. So these are the factors you need to consider. Utensils, spices, refrigerator, chimney. Microwave oven, coffee maker, pop-up toaster, the hob is essential and needs the right place to keep them. Don’t stuff your kitchen with a whole lot of appliances, plan for very essential cookware and appliances to make it look appealing and organized. 

Choose the appropriate countertop
When it comes to countertops, pick a material that can withstand your daily use of the space, so your money will not be wasted. You need to focus on the following to find the perfect countertop for your cook space.

  1. How will you use your Countertop?
  2. The maintenance it requires
  3. Space requirement
  4. Budget
  5. Which tone coordinates with the cabinets

Now that you know how to pick a countertop let’s look at the variety of options available.

  • Wood: The style options available are flat grain, edge grain, and end grain. They are organic, easy to maintain, extremely durable.
  • Quartz: Durable, low maintenance
  • Granite: Durable, Stain, heat and scratch-resistant
  • Marble: heat-resistant, available in a variety of colors.
  • Laminate: Inexpensive, Low- maintenance
  • Solid Surfacing: Low maintenance, cuts, and scratches easily.

Focus on color and lightening

Light up your kitchen perfectly with the best kitchen lighting. There are different ways to light up your kitchen.

  1. General lightening: light up your entire kitchen no matter big or small.
  2. Task lightening: offers a good view of your workspace
  3. Decorative kitchen lighting: These lights are a perfect choice for island and peninsula kitchens.
  4. Cabinet lighting: they are used to lighten up dark storage spaces. These lights turn on automatically when the cabinet opens and turns off when the cabinet closes.

Focus on countertop and cabinet height

Kitchen cabinets can be custom made to any dimensions you want. The height and depth of a kitchen cabinet follow the established design standards set by the manufacturer over a long period. When you choose the design set the countertop height that will be comfortable for ease of work.

Choose appropriate Wall-tile

The kitchen is the only room in the house that can have several types of tiles. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are a few criterias for choosing the right type of tile for your kitchen

  1. Decide on what surface the tile will be applied
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Determine if the tile finish you choose suits your family’s lifestyle
  4. Choose a tile that is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic


The major fact that comes into consideration when designing a modular kitchen is its cost. A basic modular kitchen design starts from 1Lakh and may vary depending on the following factors

  1.     Size of the kitchen
  2.     Cabinet materials and finishes
  3.     Kitchen appliances
  4.     Fittings and accessories
  5.     Kitchen wall-tile and flooring
  6.     Kitchen countertops

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I hope this article gave you some ideas to design your kitchen. These are just the fundamentals when it comes to planning a kitchen design. You ought to put in an exceedingly lot of efforts on thoughts and research while aiming at kitchen interiors. Consider the assistance of an experienced designer as there are a lot of options arising daily to create your design more customizable, eco-friendly, and functional that you simply don’t want to miss out on.

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